Minneapolis Real Estate: 7 Reasons to Choose a Condo over a House

reasons to choose a condo over a house

Condos seem to be sprouting up all over the Minneapolis area, for good reason. With luxury amenities at affordable prices, condo living often beats the hassles of owning a home.

For those who are planning to buy a property but can’t decide between buying a condo or house, here are some things to think about. Listed below are seven reasons to choose a condo over a house. Let’s get started!

Comfortable and Luxurious

Condos are known for providing the new owner with luxury amenities which will improve quality of life. Some of the high end perks include protective security, relaxing lounges and entertainment areas, and well maintained swimming pools and fitness areas. While owning your own home may give you a sense of freedom, you will be restricted to what’s already there – or what you can afford to add-on, including the installation, maintenance and repair needs that go along with it.

No Housework or Maintenance Upkeep

Perhaps the biggest perk to many who choose the condo lifestyle is the lack of extensive maintenance required. With condo living, there’s someone to take care of the lawn, tending the garden, cleaning the gutters, trimming trees, removing ice and snow, and other regular household maintenance duties.  This is especially helpful to those homeowners who aren’t capable of keeping up with house work, either due to physical ability or time availability.

Wise Investment

If you want to invest in real estate, condos are a good choice. In the future, the owner can choose to rent the unit out to tenants or re-sell it, usually at a higher price than was paid. A good reason to choose a condo over a house is that condos are more practical investments are usually less expensive and in a highly desired area.

Obviously, how much a house costs vs. a condo depends on the sizes of the properties, the property values of the neighborhood and the cost of living in the desired location. But typically, you’ll spend less money on a condo.

Condos Hold Resale Value

One of the best features of a condo is their location. Most single family homes are located a distance from city centers which reduces accessibility to urban areas. Condos are usually just minutes away from prime city hubs, which gives you a great selling point.

Nice Accessibility for City Living

Condos are being bought up throughout Minneapolis because they offer great access to the best areas of the city. A condo is a practical choice for those people who want the privacy of their own home but still close in proximity to the action of the city. Instead of buying a big home in the suburbs and installing a home theater, yoga studio, gym or pool, condo owners choose to live closer to the city and head to the local movie theater, or YMCA.

With a great location, including easy access to retail, dining and entertainment establishments, like malls, venues, restaurants and schools – condos offer a hassle-free way of living.

Perfect for the City Worker

For those downtown workers that don’t want the headache of a daily commute from the suburbs, a condo is the right choice for you. We all know how Minneapolis traffic can create long travel times for people that live in the suburbs but work downtown. Only a condo will provide you with the best location – one where you could probably walk or bike, it’s so close to your place of work.

More Communal Atmosphere

With condo living, there is a much stronger sense of community than a traditional neighborhood with house-lined streets. Condo owners generally live in much closer proximity to each other than their suburban, home-owning counterparts. They share yards, walls, driveways and common areas, where impromptu social gatherings can occur that you wouldn’t experience living in a house.

Consider Condo Living for a Life of Luxury!

For those home shoppers that are searching for a special place to live that doesn’t burn-up your budget, a condo may be the best choice for you.

The Minneapolis condo market is on the rise, so don’t wait to act – contact A.D. Hays Group today to find out how we can place you in a condo that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Get in touch with one of our representatives now.

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