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We love helping people buy and sell their homes – we're dedicated to service and to using the best professional-level strategies to get you the best deal possible.

Janie Hays - Real Estate Minneapolis, Minneapolis Realtor

Janie Hays

Janie was an elementary school teacher until she had two children that kept her constantly on the move. As the kids aged and were able to manage themselves (translation: drive!) Janie elected to start a second career in real estate. As one of the top agents in the metro area over the last 20+ years, Janie has represented all types of buyers and sellers across the metro area and has been consistently recognized as one of the top agents nationally. When she finds time to take a break, which is rare, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.


Phone: 612-719-6681

Stephanie Hays - Minneapolis Real Estate Agent

Stephanie Hays

Stephanie spent 25 years as a senior executive at multiple Fortune 500 companies before electing to take her numerous relocation experiences and business acumen and apply them to real estate. Having consistently doubled her business year-over-year, Stephanie has an innate ability to cut through the clutter and help clients recognize opportunities on both the sell and buy side they may otherwise miss. Stephanie and her husband, Arthur, have four kids and live in the SW metro area.


Phone: 612-787-8736

Arthur Hays - A.D. Hays Group Minneapolis Real Estate

Arthur (a.d.) Hays

Art for short, is Janie’s oldest child (only Janie calls him Arthur, and only when she wants to get his attention!) and Stephanie’s husband. Having spent 20+ years working for Fortune 500 companies and multinationals, Art has also taken his business experience and learning’s from multiple relocations and Janie’s 20+ years to help clients achieve their goals in real estate. Art has seen his business consistently double year-over-year as well based on his ability to create connections that deliver results.


Phone: 612-805-5929

Art Hays Real Estate Listings

Helping people buy and sell their home

What We Do

  • Build a unique plan tailored to you, our client – hope isn’t a strategy, and one size doesn’t fit all. It isn’t enough to stick a sign in the yard and hope a home sells, or just look online and hope you find your next home. Having a detailed plan that we’ve aligned on together, and is unique to your needs and desires, is critical to success. We develop that plan with your input then execute to achieve your goals.
  • Help you maximize your sale price – small things can make a HUGE difference. Minor investments can result in a significant increase in your homes sale price. The A.D. Hays Group treats your money like it’s our own. That means we’re thoughtful about recommending opportunities to drive incremental dollars. We know what works and who can do it.
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More comprehensive connections

Making it easier for you

  • Help you find the perfect home – have you been thinking of moving but just can’t seem to find the right home? The A.D. Hays Group can help. We’ve built a network of thousands of agents in the metro area, across multiple brokerages, with which we’re consistently connected. We hear about listings before they come on the market, and we know how to find opportunities that aren’t even available.
  • Connect you to other critical service providers – a real estate agent is just one piece of the puzzle. The A.D. Hays Group has numerous partners in the mortgage/lending arena, closing/title service sector, home inspection segment, and even banking, insurance, and contracting services. It’s important that you know the A.D. Hays Group receives no compensation for connecting you with any of our partners. Not only is it illegal, but also it’s unethical. We only recommend partners we trust to give you the best possible service, because they are a reflection of the A.D. Group, and like us, they are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.
  • We don’t hope. It isn’t in our vocabulary. We get results. Plain and simple.