The Complete Moving Checklist for a Stress Free Move

Moving to a new home is always a stressful undertaking – A.D. Hays Group is here to make it easier for you!

From hiring a moving company to transferring your address to arranging transportation, there’s plenty to consider. When you’re getting ready to move, prepare yourself by running through this checklist.

Moving Checklist: Two Months Out to Moving Day

Two Months Before Moving Day

You should give yourself enough time to prepare for moving day. We recommend you begin moving preparations at least two months before moving day.

☐ Identify your needs for the upcoming move – can you rent a truck and do it yourself? Or will you need to hire a professional moving company to assist you? This will depend on the amount of stuff you have, the type of property you’re moving to and its distance away from your current property. Put together a “moving binder” to keep track of all your notes and paperwork associated with the move.

☐ If you need to hire a professional moving company, start reaching out to business around your area – get referrals from friends and family, check out online reviews and ask for references. Remember: the more companies you reach out to, the more price options you’ll have to choose from.

☐ Develop a floor plan and rough sketch of where furniture will need to be placed in the new residence to help improve the movers’ efficiency.

☐ Develop an inventory of your household items and start to clear out or sell anything that won’t be coming with to the new home.

☐ Make plans to transfer the necessary school records and register your children in the new school district you’ll be moving to.

☐ Start packing non-essential items.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

Now that the ball is rolling, check off the following items approximately six weeks before moving day.

☐ Head to the post office and fill out a change-of-address card, which can also be found online, so you can receive mail at the new property.

☐ Make the proper preparations for your health care needs if you’re moving cities – ask your doctor for referrals and obtain medical records.

☐ Have valuables appraised, items like heirloom furniture, antiques and art pieces.

☐ Continue to take inventory of items in your home donate, consign or toss clutter.

One Month Before Moving Day

At around four weeks, the stress starts to set in. Check off the items below to keep it in control.

☐ Get in touch with your utilities provider to disconnect your old home and set up the connection at your new home. Disconnect is the day after you leave and connection is the day before you arrive.

☐ Start packing things that you won’t need until you’re at your new house, such as certain clothes, foods, kids’ toys, etc.

☐ Contact a professional cleaning company if any carpet, upholstery or drapery needs cleaning.

☐ If you have pets, you should arrange transportation.

☐ Reach out to your insurance agent to discuss how your items are covered should something be damaged during the move.

☐ Prepare your travel plans if you’re moving long distance.

☐ Check with the city office to see if you need to apply for moving permits.

☐ If moving to another state, you can update your auto registration.

☐ Make child-care arrangements for moving day.

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

At two weeks, you’re entering crunch time. Keep up the items on this list and you’re well on your way to a stress-free move!

☐ Hold a garage sale to get rid of any excess stuff and to make some extra money for emergency costs.

☐ Dispose of the things that cannot be moved or that weren’t sold at your garage sale

☐ Contact a cleaning company and have them prepare your new home before you move all of your stuff in.

☐ Contact a landscaping company and have them prepare the yard at your new home so you don’t have to worry about it right away when you move in.

☐ Make sure you get back items that you’ve loaned to friends, family or neighbors and ensure you don’t have any borrowed items that you need to return to someone else.

☐ Cancel newspaper subscription.

☐ Notify creditors of your move and alert them of your new address.

☐ Transfer prescriptions and be sure you have an adequate supply of medications.

☐ Create a last in first out box – This means that the last box placed on the moving truck will be the first box to come off. Essentials such as snacks, toiletries, an extra outfit and anything else you may need to keep comfortable during the move can be included in your last in first out box.

One Day Before the Big Move

With one day to go, you’ve almost made it – hang in there! The day before moving, you’ll be checking the following major tasks off of your list.

☐ Contact your bank and have them transferred to a bank in your new location.

☐ Settle any outstanding debts or bills with local businesses or utility companies.

☐ Clear power equipment, like lawn mowers, power washers and motorcycles, of oil and gas so it doesn’t spill on your items during the move.

☐ Confirm the arrival time and delivery time with the movers so you don’t face any issues.

☐ Defrost refrigerator and freezer by propping the doors open.

☐ Clean and disconnect major appliances for the move.

☐ Pack up all of your items.

☐ Set aside anything that will travel with you so it will not be packed onto the moving truck.

Moving Day

The time has finally come – moving day. As long as you’ve done everything on the list up to this point, you should be ready for a stress-free move.

☐ If using a mover, ensure there is a person at the old house to answer questions about packing, loading, etc.

☐ Make a record of all utility meter readings.

☐ Read through the details of your bill and look over inventory before signing on the dotted line. Keep this document and file it away with your other moving paperwork.

☐ Always have someone present to oversee unloading and unpacking so things don’t need to be rearranged.

☐ Carefully check over your belongings once everything is moved in, and note any damaged items on your inventory list.

☐ Be ready with the proper payment method to compensate your movers for their hard work. Most will take cash, check or credit card.

So, there you have it – as long as you check off all the items above, you’re more likely to keep stress at a minimum for your upcoming move. While it may seem daunting to plan every aspect of your move, diligence and organization will make it easier on you.

Hopefully, this checklist makes it easier on you, as well. At A.D. Hays Group, we want to make the real estate buying and selling process as easy as possible for you. If you’re looking for a small, dedicated team of experts, get in touch with us today to find out how we will help keep your stress low during any real estate transaction.


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