Hays Take On: Copperwing Distillery

Tired of crowded, loud, bars that only serve light beer or vodka sodas? Well this week for Hays Take we have the complete opposite of a college bar for you! With an warm, inviting atmosphere and drinks that have specially selected ingredients, Copperwing Distillery is a full experience!

The Place

Hidden in the back roads of St. Louis Park, West of 100, South of 7, and North of Excelsior Blvd. is a small industrial area containing a few gyms, factories, and others among the large rectangular buildings. Down one of the alleyways is the shiny metal sign that leads to Copperwing Distillery. Just inside the door you’ll find a warm and inviting room that is a bit on the darker side. Lots of colored lights illuminate the space as well as an incredible custom multi-light copper chandelier giving it and undercover/speakeasy kind of feel. The whole room only seats about 40, with only 10-15 spots at the bar to the right, a long communal high top through the center that fits about the same amount, and a bench that runs around the left side with tables and chairs across. Just behind the bar is a big glass wall, separating their drink room from the distilling side of the building, where you can see that large containers and equipment they use to create their tasty spirits, maintaining an industrial feel.

The Product

Copperwing currently has a few different selections for spirits, including vodka, gin, their signature creation Vodskey, and a brand new bourbon whiskey! Their vodka is actually based from corn, but comes off, crisp, refreshing, and clean! The gin is supported by botanical ingredients, which leaves a more light, flowery taste rather than a piney taste you find in gin. Vodskey is a mash-bourbon that is filtered through like a vodka, with the end product coming out like a more full, flavorful, profile vodka, that we think almost has a tequila taste to it. In their tasting room, you have options for each of their spirits, both in flights as well as in their own signature hand-crafted cocktails! Their menu works seasonally, with a new shakeup depending on the weather and what fits best. Currently they’re in the last week of their spring menu, so be on the lookout for a brand new selection of summer creations! While the menu does change, they have a few staples that are always on the menu, as well as a few of the popular options from the previous menu. One of their staples is the Dirty Dirty, an extra dirty martini with vodka or gin, and seasoned with sea salt and their house made brine, this fits the bill for any martini lover. Another one of their consistent staples is their take on the White Russian, the White Russian Highball , with their signature vodka, nitro cold press coffee, brownie bitters and more, this is a cocktail that The Dude would abide by.


The Take

Small, cozy, and delicious, Copperwing provides for all (above the age of 21). With a great inviting atmosphere, craft cocktails to fit every season as well as all palettes, you’re sure to enjoy your pre-dinner cocktail or your late night-cap!

For more check them out here: https://www.copperwingdistillery.com/

Or try for yourself at: 6409 Cambridge St Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

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