Hays Take Year In Review 2018

Welcome to the last Hays Take On blog of the year, and it’s hard to believe we covered almost 50 different spots around the Twin Cities just this year! For the final week we’ve decided to recap some of our favorite spots, and while all of the spots we’ve been to were fabulous, some stood out for certain reasons more than others and we want to give them a little extra recognition.


First, we’ll start with our favorite burger this year and this one has held up from even before 2018. There’s a reason Parlour was one of our first stops and it’s mainly due to their phenomenal burger. We have a hard time going anywhere and trying a burger and not making a comparison to Parlour’s… The perfect size that’s easy to hold, fills you up but isn’t too much, the soft bun, the melt in your mouth cheese and patty, and the perfect amount of toppings to complement. There’s a good chance this one will continue to hold up for a long time.


Next up is our favorite brew house or drink spot for 2018, and while we visited many places with great beverages, this year we’re giving the gold to our friends at Able Seedhouse. A great atmosphere and location, great events and community involvement, and of course great beer. They always seem to have what you’re looking for in a beer on tap. Dark and strong, light and crisp, and everything in between, they’ve got something that will satisfy. There are plenty more spots to try in 2019 and we’re excited to see what else will quench our thirst!

Non Bar/Restaurant

For Hays Take we like to mix it up and try different spots on our journey, and those aren’t always necessarily a restaurant or bar. So our winner for the non-restaurant/bar category goes to Hanisch’s Bakery in Red Wing. One of our favorite takes of the year, we’re so thankful we were able to connect with them and get more than just the usual Hays Take. Their staff is hardworking and friendly, their bakery is always busy and fun, and the history of the bakery goes way back creating an incredible atmosphere. Look out for more Hanisch’s in 2019, because you know we’ll be back!

Most “Hays Take” Hays Take

Our final award is the most “Hays Take” Hays Take spot of the year. As much as we love trying all of the great new hot spots around town, there’s something about the classic neighborhood gems that have all of the history and character that create the best takes. We had a TON on the list this year but based on feedback from readers, Scott Ja-Mama’s has to be the winner. A long standing history, a building that has years of decoration, a tradition that’s unlike many you’ll find in the restaurant business, and some incredible barbecue. Our first visit was for the take and it definitely wasn’t our last this year. A long standing neighborhood gem that it seems like only the locals know of, makes this one our favorite stops of the year.

That’s a wrap on 2018 for Hays Take, with some many great stops this year it was hard to narrow down these few choices and we’re looking forward to finding even more spots in 2019! We’ll have more variety, more interviews, and more behind the scenes looks at some of our favorite places! Thank you for following along this year and we hope you continue in the new year, and as always, let us know of any spots we may have missed and need to try in the future!

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