Hays Take On: Sisyphus Brewery


Hays Take On: Sisyphus Brewing

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Some of the best hidden gems are sometimes hiding right under your nose, which is the case with Sisyphus Brewing. Located just off of the 394 and 94 interchange behind Dunwoody College, if you aren’t looking for it you probably won’t find it. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, plenty of entertainment, and exceptionally good beer, this is a great stop for the family on any day of the week.


The Place:

As mentioned previously, chances are slim that you come across Sisyphus Brewing unless you know where it’s at. Tucked behind Dunwoody College near Parade Arena, this place makes for an easy detour on your downtown commute home from the cities. With a nice long bar that runs the length of the taproom, as well as plenty of booths and tables, there’s plenty of space to enjoy the beer selection and have great conversation. Located on one end of the taproom is a wall of Pinball machines, including the highly regarded Simpson’s game, as well as two beautiful shuffleboard tables that provided some friendly competition (shoutout to Alex and Casey, who gave us a run for our money on the table) and socializing while enjoying our beers.


The Product:

With plenty of options on the tap list, there should be something for everyone every time you stop in. It’s well worth it to snag a flight of different options to pick your favorite because you might be surprised when a beer style you may not enjoy really catches your taste buds. After sampling a few (maybe all) of the different brews on tap, the two that stood out the most to us were Isaac’s Brother Can Act, Man and the Winter Warmer with Cinnamon. The Isaac’s Brother was a red IPA that, while on the hoppy side, caught our attention on the first sip and paired well with the red pucks we were using on the shuffleboard table! The Winter Warmer also came as a surprise favorite, as we tend to lean towards the lighter pale or blonde ales, the cinnamon in the Winter Warmer had a great balance and wasn’t overpowering to the overall taste. Each beer had it’s own unique taste and stood out in it’s own way, so make sure to give each a fair shake before you dismiss anything

The Take:

Sisyphus Brewing has already been a favorite stop in our journey around the cities and we’re only a month in. With great beers, an inviting taproom, and plenty of entertainment for everyone in the family, it’s a must checkout stop. Be warned, this could easily turn into your group’s new favorite hang out spot.


Check out more from Sisyphus here: https://www.sisyphusbrewing.com/

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SisyphusBrewing/

and on Instagram: @sisyphusbrewing

712 Ontario Avenue W. Minneapolis, MN

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!

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