Hays Take On: Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

This week we head to a bright and friendly restaurant/bakery that’s been a fan favorite for many years now. Yum! Kitchen and Bakery quickly has become known as a spot that maintains a variety and a quality that you can always count on. From sandwiches to big plates to baked goods, Yum! has a great variety while maintaining quality.

The Place

Yum! has two locations that are on the west side of the MSP area, one being in St. Louis Park off of Minnetonka Blvd. and the other off of Shady Oak Rd. in Eden Prairie. Both have a great modern and bright feel, with white walls and colorful red accents. They also keep a very open feeling, letting you look back into the kitchen and watch the action. To eat at the kitchen, just head to the counter and place your order, then find your table and wait for your food to arrive! Even on busy days you’ll still receive hot food in a quick manner. As for the bakery side, you can order your baked goods after for dessert or take them to go so you can enjoy them later at home!


The Product

As we’ve previously stated, there’s plenty of great variety at Yum! on the kitchen side. There are some great small plates, including salads, fries, and our favorite the mini chuck sliders. Their sandwich list also takes up it’s own side of the menu, with everything from breakfast sandwiches, classics like grilled cheese and turkey, as well as Ruebens/Rachels. However, to no one’s surprise, we gave the “Burger, Burger” a shot and were not disappointed. With two patties, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion as well as a special sauce, on a challah bun, this one is a filler! As for bigger entree plates, Yum! features their “Really Good Lasagna” and chicken options as well as a few fish options, including our favorite: “Hugo’s Baja Mahi Tacos.” Coming separate from your corn tortillas, a lightly crisped Mahi covered in fresh pico de gallo, lettuce, spicy baja sauce, and cotija cheese, squeeze some lime on the top and fill up a tortilla and you’re ready to rock! As for drinks, they do serve beer and wine as well as a 40 oz. Miller High Life served in a champagne cooler (as it should be) that we couldn’t resist getting. On the Bakery side you’ll find all kinds of treats from cupcakes, to pies, to cereal bars, but their signature delicacy is the Patticake. A super moist chocolate cake with buttercream frosting that could be what Yum! is known for. You can buy it by the slice or as a full cake, and we recommend the latter because it won’t take long before you’re craving more!


The Take

Quality, consistency, and variety are all fitting adjectives for Yum! Whether it’s the kitchen or the bakery, you’ll always find something new and unique with rotating seasonal options or enjoy your classic go to item.

For more on Yum! check them out here: http://www.yumkitchen.com/

Or try for yourself at: 4127, 4000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

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