Hays Take On: Wooden Hill Brewery

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So far on Hays Take we’ve covered tons of great breweries in the Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods, but for those of us on the west side, there aren’t too many options close by. However, with the opening of Wooden Hill Brewery in Edina, our inability to have a nice hangout spot with some new and special brews has been solved. Located on the southwest side of Edina, just east of Braemar Golf Course, Wooden Hill provides everything you love about a good brewery on the west side.

The Place

The toughest part about creating a brewery outside of the city is restrictions on what types of buildings you can have the brewing equipment in. You need high ceilings, drains in the floors, and plenty of space for your tap room (if you have one). This works great in the downtown areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul with all of the old warehouses and other large buildings, but west of the city those are a little harder to come by. Wooden Hill has stationed up in the Industrial area just west of 100 and north of 494, has found a great location that is easily accessible to the western suburbs. The taproom still has the industrial building feel that you find in most breweries, but with a nice clean finish. Beautiful wood booths and tables cover the seating area with touches of orange and light blue all over give this area a smooth look. They even have a connecting area that hosts some games and some smaller seating, but the best part is the walk back is through all of the brewing equipment, that allows you to get right up close and personal with the tools of the trade. The counter is easily accessible and gives plenty of space for the line, which is needed if you arrive right around 5 or 6, when employees from the local business storm in for their afterwork beer!


The Product

Wooden Hill is a double threat with some great brews that will please any pallet as well as some of their own food and snacks that will provide a great after work snack! We were able to sample plenty of beers, but the ones that stood out to us the most were the Code 3 and the French River Saison. The Code 3 is a triple hop IPA that will have any hop-fiend going nuts. We loved the great finish on the beer and the fact that a brew so hoppy wasn’t overwhelmingly bitter. Fun fact about this one, is that the “Code 3” is actually a tribute to those in emergency medical services, and a code 3 is actually the radio code for a light and siren response. The French River Saison has a very nice smooth taste that almost feels more elegant than other beers. If you enjoy something hoppier than this, but not quite as deep as the Code 3, try the Bitter River, which they call the older sister to the French River. The food at Wooden Hill is also not to overlook, with a variety of hot dog options, sandwiches, and flatbreads, as well as classics like popcorn chicken, nachos, and pretzels. We grabbed some of their chicken gouda nachos and wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane to our favorite middle school cafeteria with some popcorn chicken. Their dipping sauces included the smoked gouda sauce from the nachos as well as some Korean BBQ that had a nice asian tang addition to a classic BBQ.

The Take

West suburbs brewery fans rejoice, as Wooden Hill ticks all of the boxes and then some. Easily accessible from 100 and 494, you’ll be able to enjoy an afterwork beer and bite to eat, a weekend lunch, or anything in-between. A must try for those on the west side, and worth the drive for those in the cities or across town.


Check out Wooden Hill here: woodenhillbrewing.com

Or on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/woodenhillbrewing/

Or go try for yourself at: 7421 Bush Lake Road, Edina, MN 55439


Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!

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