Hays Take On: Wok in the Park

Everyone has their go to takeout spot for Asian style food, that’s usually decent food and really only available for takeout. Imagine if there was a local Asian style takeout spot that ALSO provided a great dining experience in-house with beer and wine? That’s exactly what you have with Wok in the Park in St. Louis Park.

The Place

Just a block down from the intersection of Minnetonka and Texas is the front door to Wok in the Park. Inside you immediately notice the incredible cherry blossom design on green walls as well as modern furniture to match, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You have the option to order take out at the counter or be seated for traditional, waiter served, lunch or dinner! With tables and booths to choose from around the dining area, you’ll have plenty of space to fit your entire group.

The Product

For starters, Wok in the Park provides all of your favorite classics with great taste, including edamame, summer and spring rolls, and our favorite, the cream cheese puffs that are stuffed with warm melty cream cheese and wrapped in a crispy wonton shell. They also feature a special wonton that rotates regularly, and each one comes with a new twist on the old classic taste. Wok in the Park also has lots of salad and soup options, as well as curries, that come packing tons of heat. The main part of the menu comes from the Wok and includes tons of awesome options, like stir fry, classic chicken, as well as noodle dishes like, lo mein, pad thai, and more! They also cover classic Chinese dishes like sweet n sour chicken, chow mein, among other favorites. If you’re dining in house, you also have the option to accompany your meal with a glass of wine or a brew from a select few local breweries!

The Take

If Wok in the Park isn’t your current go to Asian food take out spot, definitely consider adding it to your rotation. On top of that, they’ve created a great dining experience and atmosphere in house that will make you second guess staying home to eat!


For more, check them out here: http://wokintheparkrestaurant.com/

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