Hays Take On: Town Hall Station

We head back East from Minnetonka into Edina for our next take on a new neighborhood favorite! With its home base being Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis, the offspring Town Hall Station in Edina has quickly become popular place for great beer, great food, and good times!

The Place

Just around the bend from Southview Middle School and Edina Community Center at Wooddale and Valley View Road sits Town Hall Station. With a big parking lot to the side as well as a beautiful patio space with outdoor seating, you’ll have a hard time missing this one driving by. The building is actually an old gas station renovated and they kept a similar industrial feel inside, with lots of metal features, like their big gear clock, as well as mural of a gas attendant on the wall. There bar is the first thing you run into, which is surrounded by a steel grate above and hanging bulbs as well as their taps on the ends of the bar. Behind you can see through the bar to the outdoor patio, which has a bar mirroring the inside, and tables all around the patio. The rest of the restaurant features booths and a long high top to cover all seating needs no matter your party size.


The Product

Town Hall’s menu features a few different areas of food, from classic pub food like burgers and sandwiches to some great tacos, and of course above all, great beer. For starters their guac comes out with warm chips and avocado piled high, along with some spicy salsas. They also have wings that are grilled at the finish that create the nice crispy outside we like. There are plenty of options in the Taco category, but in Minnesota it’s always best to go with the Walleye, and Town Hall Station pairs it with an incredible pineapple cilantro slaw, pico, and a mango siraracha glaze that becomes addicting! Next their burger section stays fresh with a new burger style every month, and each one is something unique and special, however their most popular choice and our go to is their Brewer’s Double. A double cheeseburger built around two quarter pound patties made with a special combination of brisket, short rib, and chuck with big slices of melted American cheese and pickles tucked underneath. This burger melts in your mouth and is so good, there may or may not be a secret menu item that has this burger with FOUR of their great patties. For drinks Town Hall offers many brew options of their own as well as featuring some of their other favorites from around town. One of the most popular is the Masala Mama, which is an IPA that leans towards the bitter side, but evens out with seven varieties of hops. Not only do they have beer, they also make their own cocktails through all ranges of spirits. From their own version of the Moscow Mule to a Mezcal style margarita drink, you’re sure to find something to fit your taste.


The Take

With a great atmosphere from the bar to the patio and a huge variety of eats drinks makes this a great fit for all, which makes it no surprise that it has quickly become a local favorite. With some stellar options, it’s definitely high up on our list when we’re in the area!


For more, check them out here: https://www.townhallstation.com/

Or try for yourself at: 4500 VALLEY VIEW RD EDINA, MN 55425


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