Hays Take On: The Kenwood

One of the best ways to enjoy a great meal is in a nice cozy environment, and The Kenwood in South Minneapolis provides just that. With a constantly changing menu, high quality dishes, and a great atmosphere, this is a spot to add to your good eats rotation!

The Place

Just two blocks off of the Northeast side of Lake of the Isles sits The Kenwood, just across the street from The Kenwood Elementary School and between a book store and an art gallery on W 21st Street. Easily recognizable from it’s mixture of dark wood, brick, large windows that hide the golden logo inside above the door. Inside you’ll step right into the queue to be seated, and be greeted immediately by an awesome chef’s bar, that gives you a great view of the action in the kitchen while you enjoy your meal. Inside seating has a booth side along the windows with chairs opposite, as well as open 2 and 4 seat tables in the center. Around the corner from the entrance is a comfy seating area to enjoy a coffee or drink while you wait for a table to open up, which adds to the comfortable vibe. With lots of light coming in from the windows, this spot is great for a brunch or late late lunch!

The Product

The Kenwood may have a relatively small menu compared to many other places, but the menu sees plenty of rotation and new additions, so you’re rarely going to find any boredom in the menu. You’re always able to find a great brunch menu, that has their popular huevos rancheros, that comes with an over easy egg on top of braised pork, potatoes and topped with harissa. For dinner, we’d be remiss if we didn’t over their special Kenwood Burger, that’s cooked to your liking, with a layer of pork belly, gruyere, light lettuce, and a fried egg. Tons of flavor and a special sauce that ties it all together, this burger is flavorful and filling. The rest of their dinner menu sees lots of changes, from seafood, to steaks, to lamb, duck and more, so it’s important to visit often if you want to try it all. To accompany your meal, you’ll find a great selection of wines and beers both local and out of state as well as a few different classic cocktails.

 The Take

If you enjoy fine dining meals in a cozy atmosphere, this is the spot for you. If you’re adventurous and like trying new foods, you’ll always find a new dish to enjoy or if you have a simple palette, one of their mainstay items is likely to become your favorite. Overall, this great atmosphere helps provide for all eaters.

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