Hays Take On: Taqueria Victor Hugo #2

This week on Hays Take we head over to the good old Bobby and Steve’s Auto off of West 58th and Nicollet. Yep, you head us right, this weeks take is over at a gas station. We visited the new food truck converted restaurant Taqueria Victor Hugo and you would never guess food like this comes from somewhere connected to somewhere you can get your car fixed.

The Place

Connected to Bobby and Steve’s Auto World in Richfield and occupying half of the convenience store is Taqueria Victor Hugo. A counter to order your food, a small salsa bar, some barstools nearby and an array of tables near the large windows that open up to Nicollet make up pretty much all of this restaurant. There’s a pretty decent amount of seating in this place for being part of gas station/repair shop, so don’t worry about finding a table. Lots of cool Bobby and Steve’s memorabilia is lined up along the walls as well as a bright atmosphere from natural light coming in the windows.

The Product

The menu at Taqueria Victor Hugo is small and to the point, like many of our favorite Mexican food stops. Plenty of meat choices with a few ways to enjoy them… in tacos, burritos, tortas, or quesadillas. Meat choices include all of your favorites like asada, barabcoa, chicken tinga, and more as well as some specialties like lengua (cow tongue). Tacos come in a double wrapped shell setup up with PLENTY of meat and at very reasonable price. There’s also a nice salsa bar that allows you to add what you like in terms of toppings, like salsas, onion, and other garnishes. With a solid range of salsas, you can find something mild or something to scorch your taste buds (stay away from the orange one.. its HOT). They also have some solid sides, like a super fresh guacamole as well as an awesome corn in a cup that comes with a nice cream sauce and chili powder!


The Take

Taqueria Victor Hugo has a very authentic Mexican flavor to it that’s hard to find anywhere else… all while being base in a gas station! If you’re ever driving nearby and are craving some true Mexican eats, definitely give it a shot!


For more check them out here: https://taqueria-victor-hugo.business.site/

Or try for yourself at: 5801 Nicollet Ave s Minneapolis, MN 55419

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