Hays Take On: Tacos Al Kevin

To find the the most authentic food, you need to search high and low, and sometimes you need to search in a convenience store… Tacos El Kevin might seem small, but for those who crave authentic Mexican food, this spot should be high on your list!

The Place

Inside of a small convenience store on the corner of Portland Ave and E 38th St in south Minneapolis, you’ll find the Portland Market, which houses Tacos El Kevin. When you walk in there’s a small counter for the store and just a few steps past is the counter for the restaurant. Full take out style food, place your order and have it ready for you in the next few minutes. With only a few tables inside, hope that it’s not packed when you arrive if you want to sit and eat. They also feature lots of Mexican treats throughout the store as well, such as spiced nuts and assorted candies!


The Product

The menu is simple, tacos, quesadillas, and a few other add on items keep things easy. Like most Mexican spots, you choose your type of meal and then select the meat inside. Tacos El Kevin has classic pollo, carnitas, al pastor, asada, and more! Get these stuffed into a fresh tortilla with all combinations of toppings, but mainly including fresh pico and cilantro. The meat stays juicy, the shells stay together, and most importantly, there’s tons of authentic Mexican taste. You can also get a side of salsa as well, with a smooth green tomatillo and high heat red salsa to add a little extra kick to your meal.


The Take

Tacos El Kevin doesn’t try and draw you in with fancy signs or location, they don’t do white table cloths or serving staff, however the authenticity and taste in their food stands out among many of the great places to eat in the MSP area. If you’re ever craving that authentic Mexican flavor, swing by Tacos El Kevin and get a few of your favorite tacos and you won’t be disappointed!

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