Hays Take On: Sunshine Factory

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We took a little drive up to Plymouth for this week’s take and visited a spot with everything you could ask for in a neighborhood bar/restaurant combo. With a huge menu, extra friendly waitstaff, tons of different beers and drinks, and an awesome patio, Sunshine Factory has it all and is the obvious local hot spot.

The Place

Conveniently located just off of 494 and Rockford Road, Sunshine Factory caters to any dining experience you’re looking for. They have a quieter dining room off to one side of the building, a full bar area complete with booths, high tops, and a large U-shaped bar all encircled by TVs, and on the warmer days there’s a patio area that has fireplaces, lots of seating, and an outdoor bar. All of this is a accompanied by an extra friendly waitstaff to create a great atmosphere and dining experience.



The Product

The menu at Sunshine Factory is something we haven’t seen before. It’s huge and really has no central theme to it, but pretty much everything is good. From burgers, to flat bread, to pasta, to steaks, to tacos, to barbecue, and we haven’t even covered half of it, it’s all great! It’ll take you a few trips to really find your favorite, because each new item you try will have you questioning which is really your favorite. While there are so many options, there are a few things we consider staples that we tend to order most of the time or recommend to first-timers. To start, the white cheddar cheese curds, which is definitely a shareable plate as they load up the basket and comes with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. For main plates we have two regular go-to options: The Plymouth Panini and the Texas BBQ Burger. The Panini is the classic ham, turkey, bacon, tomato, swiss combo topped with a pesto aioli on a whole wheat bread, that’s cut and layered to perfection. While it’s such a simple combination, something about the way they do it is the best. The BBQ Burger features a thick patty done how you want it, topped with cheddar, smoked bacon, tons of onion strings, and smothered in barbecue sauce. With a side of fries and a cold beer you’ve got the complete trio. They also feature tons of beers on tap and rotate regularly, as well as plenty of wine as well as their own specialty drinks!


The Take

There’s a reason Sunshine Factory is the local favorite and is ALWAYS busy during happy hour. With so many great options to choose from, plenty of drink choices, great dining spaces, and a great atmosphere, it’ll be hard to leave here disappointed.


For more information check them out here: http://www.esunshinefactory.com/

Or try it for yourself here: 4100 Vinewood Lane, Plymouth MN, 55442


Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!


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