Hays Take On: Station Pizzeria

This week we take on a new Za in Minnetonka at a place that has taken modern flair, local ties, and good food to create a neighborhood favorite. Station Pizzeria was previously a gas station, but their slice goes far beyond what may have been served previously!

The Place

Less than a mile East down Minnetonka Blvd from 494 is what appears to be a highly renovated gas station, which has become the site of Station Pizzeria. The exterior structurally has stayed similar, with the protective weather overhangs in the parking lot and a big service garage door, but a new fresh coat of paint, wood trim, and a great new signage already creates a modern atmosphere. Inside the modern feel continues with a beautiful wood bar in front of the kitchen that’s surrounded by wooden high tops in the main room. Towards the back is a separate room that can be used for events or just additional seating and on the other side is the large garage door that leads to their awesome outdoor patio that has more tables and a fire pit! Grey tone wood panels surround the interior walls with cool circular light fixtures and a chalk board hangs near the bar with all of the current specials to eat and to drink!


The Product

The menu at Station Pizzeria keeps it simple, basing everything around your Za. You have your traditional starters like house smoked wings and cheese bread, the Midwest classic cheese curds, and an Italian classic, their homemade meatballs with marinara! There’s also the option to start with a salad, with all the classics like caesar, Italian, or their house salad. The pizza options are plentiful here, with tons of great homemade and fresh ingredients that really elevate their slices to another level. We love our classic pepperoni and sausage, but they have some standouts within their menu. First up is their El Camino Pizza, which is a taco style pizza, that has good kick but a nice crema to keep things balanced. You also can’t go wrong with a pizza named after our great state, and the Minnesotan Pizza keeps it rolling with their homemade smoked chicken teaming up with parmesan, rosemary cream, caramelized onion, and kale. Of course you always have the option to build your own pizza, and we highly recommend you take advantage of adding on plenty of their fresh ingredients to create exactly what you’d like. For drinks, Station stays local by providing tons of Minnesota Taps and a Happy Hour from 2PM to 5PM on weekdays.


The Take

Station Pizzeria is quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite, and one of our favorites, for a great spot for a slice and a beer. With their friendly and comfortable atmosphere, great food, and local flair, we’ll be visiting every time we head West.


For more, check them out here: https://stationpizzeria.com/

Or try for yourself at: 13008 Minnetonka Blvd Minnetonka, MN  55305

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