Hays Take On: Sports Page Bar and Grill

While this place may be popular to those who love a good sports bar and live in the Bloomington area, we figured that Sports Page Bar and Grill was too classic not to Take On for the blog.

The Place

Just off of Lyndale and 90th St in Bloomington, Sports Page sits on the end of a small strip mall, but has a commanding presence. With big garage door style windows to the patio and entrance to create a unique half outdoor dining experience, you might not even make it into the original part of the restaurant! With another bar and tables inside, it doesn’t matter the season, there’s ample room to sit. They do a great job of keeping things updated but maintaining that old reliable watering hole feel inside. You’re guaranteed to find regulars at all times of the day or big crowds when the big games are on. The staff is incredibly friendly and everyone gets that family service no matter if it’s your first or millionth time in.

The Product

The best menus are simple ones, and if you love bar food you’ll be more than satisfied here. All of your standards are on the board from wings, to onion rings, to french fries. They also have a select number of sandwiches as well as wraps and basic soups and salads. Finally, they have a nice burger list with all of the classics in single or double forms. The patties are juicy, the toppings are plentiful, and the buns stay soft and chewy while maintaining integrity among your large amounts of condiments. While there aren’t many items that jump out at you, you’ll always be satisfied with the result if you’re in the mood for bar food. Their tap list stays strong with classics as well as a great can and bottle selection, so you’re bound to find your go to on the list.

The Take

Sports Page has been old reliable for many for years and the atmosphere reflects that. While it may not be a white table cloth, 5 star, restaurant, but you’re always going to enjoy your time there for the big game or a quick lunch with old friends!


For more check them out here: www.sportspagebloomington.com

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