Hays Take On: Shantytown Grill

What we immediately called “a classic Hays Take location” Shantytown Grill provides everything you’d expect and more from a place with this kind of name. The location, the food, and the atmosphere are everything you’d want in a hidden gem!

The Place

Hidden on Pillsbury Ave S in Bloomington, this place isn’t one you’ll stumble upon on your regular commute, but you may get lucky if you get lost in the backstreets. The old green and white sign will guide you, along with the old white porch door on the front. The parking lot is only about 10 spots deep, but there’s plenty of street parking available. Inside the bar immediately takes up a majority of a space (as any good dive bar should) that is wider than deep, however there’s ample seating in the form of low tables, booths, and high tops on either side of the bar space. You’ll find you classic bar signage, Minnesota sports sponsored neon signs, and plenty of other Minnesota memorabilia.

The Product

You’ll find all of your classic bar food options available, from wings to burgers to chicken sandwiches to fries, but while the options may not stand out, it’s the quality that jumps out. For starters, their wings come in a variety of sauces, but all come with lots of meat on the bone as well as a nice crispy outside that doesn’t get soggy from the sauce. Next up is their burger selection, tons of old favorites as well as a few of their own specialties. The buns are soft but stay together, the patties are a great thickness and cooked just slightly well, the bacon is thick cut and bites off nicely, and cheese burgers come nice and cheesy. Their signature Shanty Burger, comes with bacon and guacamole piled on, usually not our go to combination, but the guac is the perfect amount of creamy to match the crispy bacon for a great mix! Shantytown has also some of our new favorite tots, extra crispy without our usual request and also come in a cajun seasoned option. Another great feature is their homemade ranch, which goes well with pretty much everything on the menu, so make sure you order some on the side! Their beer list is deep, with lots of local available on tap as well as your old favorites, you’re sure to find something you recognize or like!


The Take

Shantytown will definitely go down as one of the epitomes of Hays Take. A hidden gem of Bloomington that provides more than meets the eye in all aspects of the menu.


For more, check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/Shantytown-Bar-Grill-57795833634/

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