Hays Take On: Shake Shack

Normally we don’t review fast food/fast casual style dining, however when we saw the new Shake Shack opening just down France Ave. from our offices and heard so many great things, we had to give it a shot.

The Place

Right on the corner of France and 66th, Shake Shack’s brand new, modern-style, building is front and center to the Southdale area as you come from highway 100. With huge glass windows overlooking France and a sleek black outer design, we can’t help but notice a little resemblance to the architectural wonder downtown that is US Bank Stadium. Luckily they’ve also created a large parking lot outside to handle large crowds coming through to try their famous burgers and shakes. Inside they maintain that sleek modern look with black finishes with wood accents. With a quick counter where you order your food and grab a pager to notify when it’s ready that flows into the extra large dining area where you’ll find plenty of bench and table style seats as well as an awesome outdoor patio space that will open up after the snow passes.


The Product

Here on Hays Take we like to think we know a thing or two about good burgers and we do have our favorites when it comes to gourmet as well as fast food style, however we aren’t going to let any bias shine through in this review. Starting off with a fan favorite: the fries. Shake Shack does crinkle cut fries that are a nice crispiness on the outside with just a little softness inside, just the way we like them. While we do prefer the crispy skinny style fries, Shake Shack’s come with a perfect amount of crispness. With tons of Shake flavors it’s hard to choose just one, but one thing is guaranteed, they’ll all be thick. Extra creamy is the name of the game and you’ll be after every last drop. Now onto the The ShackBurger, which is the standard and comes in a single or double patty form, with lettuce, tomato, and a special ShackSauce. The bun is nice, soft, and toasty without getting soggy, the lettuce is a fair amount and not overwhelming, and the tomatoes are thick but small enough where pulling one out won’t tear apart your whole burger. The patties are smash style and flattened, which allows them to be cooked quickly while releasing all of those juices you get from a slow cook. With a nicely melted piece of cheddar cheese on top and the bun coated in their special ShackSauce (think mayo+ketchup combo with a little mustard) tops everything off. This well proportioned burger creates that great taste of ingredients blending together as well as a melt in your mouth taste that we thoroughly enjoy. Overall, the burger is well proportioned with great ingredients that all compliment each other perfectly. This one is a burger to go up against the titans in the fast food realm.


The Take

With a top tier burger, great fries, shakes, and a beautiful new building, there’s a good chance you’ll run into us swinging by for a meal after a busy day at the office! We might even say that this could top the list for best fast food burger… but that’s a debate for another take!


For more on Shake Shack, check them out here: https://www.shakeshack.com/

Or go try it out at their new location here: 6603 France Ave S, Edina, MN 55435

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