Hays Take On: Scott Ja-Mama’s

We go back to Barbecue this week and this spot hits all of the marks for what we look for in a Hays Take location. Scott Ja-Mama’s is a hole in the wall BBQ joint that’s so small, you might miss it even with the address on hand. Filled with a great history and great food, this spot was everything we love in a restaurant.

The Place

Just off Nicollet and West Diamond Lake Road, Scott Ja-Mama’s is located in a small building on the corner next to Phil’s Barber Shop and has been open since 1991. When you sneak in the door, you’ll notice that there’s only one real table and chairs, a big fridge, and the counter that has a small door leading to the kitchen. Ja-Mama’s is really built to be a take out spot for large orders, however, while you wait for your food you can take in all of the awesome pieces on the walls. From newspaper clippings of great Minnesota moments, jerseys, bobbleheads, and every other piece of memorabilia you could imagine. If you’re lucky, there’ll be an open seat at the table and you can enjoy your meal there while enjoying conversation with Scott and other strangers who join you.


The Product

Scott Ja-Mama’s menu is short, hot, and to the point. Your options are a full or half rack of ribs, pork sandwich, or chicken or steak. All of these come with your choice of mild, medium, or hot barbecue sauce, and this sauce is where Ja-Mama’s got its name. Rumor has it is that Scott’s mother used to make the sauce for food for his softball team, and everyone would always ask for “Ja-mamas bbq sauce” and there it was. The wings are baby back style, the chicken is extra crispy, and the pork is extra juicy. You really can’t go wrong with any selection if you’re a barbecue fan. Make sure to grab a twice baked potato too, it’s one of the best we’ve had in the cities! Other sides include classic Lays potato chips as well as some great slaw. For drinks, grab a water, pop, or classic cream soda!


The Take

When we round out the year looking back at some of the greatest Hays Takes, Scott Ja-Mama’s will be the embodiment of everything we looked for. A rich tradition and great barbecue sauce brings in a high rating on the Hays Take scale!


For more information check out: http://www.scottjamamas.com/

Or try for yourself at: 3 West Diamond Lake Road, Minneapolis, MN

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