Hays Take On: Sandy’s Tavern

In a strange turn of events we haven’t hit a burger on Hays Take in over a month! So we’re headed over to Sandy’s Tavern in Richfield to break that streak with our staple burger and a beer!

The Place

Just off of Penn Avenue South and West 66th in Richfield is where this small and character filled building stands. Built around the classic burger joint/dive bar style, you walk straight into the bar as you enter. With lots of beer advertising on the walls, signs rooting for the Wild, Twins, Vikings, and Timberwolves covering the rest of the space as well lots of other local gems. They also have a great pool table as well as some other games to keep the kids occupied. There’s plenty of space at the bar as well as tables and chairs and some great 4 person booths available for seating. A word of caution: they do not take any kind of plastic as a form of payment, so make sure you have cash!


The Product

The menu is filled with the classics and not too overdone on the fancy stuff. You’ll find your classic fries and tater tots (we prefer extra crispy) as well as mini corn dogs, chicken drummies, or jalapeño bites among other appetizers. For burgers they keep it simple with the classic regular, cheese, California style, or bacon cheese, as well as a mushroom Swiss, breakfast burger, or bbq bacon. Their signature burgers are the Sandy’s Sizzler which features pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and sliced jalapeños to get a little heat going in your mouth as well as the Olive Burger, which is a cheeseburger that comes topped with sour cream and green olives. The key to the tastiness in the burgers at Sandy’s all comes in their lightly toasted buns. Each one is soft and buttery on the top while the insides have a nice crispness to them that creates a nice texture as well as holds your ingredients together instead of having them slip across your plate! They also have chicken, fish, and a black bean burger for those who aren’t burger fans as well. Sandy’s tap list has all of the classics on there as well as a few local brews you don’t normally see, including Shells Dark and Ballast Point.


The Take

For a place with so much history it’s unbelievable that it’s still considered a hidden gem. From great burgers and beer to good times, Sandy’s has a history of it that’ll hopefully continue on for many years.


For more on Sandy’s check them out here: http://www.sandystavern.com/

Or try for yourself at: 6612 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423

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