Hays Take On: Royal Foundry

This week we move the Take from food to drinks with a brand new spot just west of downtown Minneapolis. Distilleries are becoming the new breweries, and Royal Foundry is something special with their phenomenal atmosphere and wide range of drink options.

The Place

Located on Freemont Ave just West of I-94, Royal Foundry has converted a large warehouse building into their distillery, drink room, and entertainment space. The atmosphere is all based on England, from the classic phone booth in the door, to the big British Flag, and the rest of the decor you’ll feel like you were transported across the pond. The space is very open and the extra tall ceilings allows for plenty of tables and a huge bar. Behind their large custom bar is a beautiful curved subway tile backsplash that makes the bar space feel like its own room. They also have converted parts of the space into game areas like Skittles (think smaller bowling) darts and more as well as separate event spaces for private parties and gatherings. This summer, they plan on adding a full deck out the back as well as the first ever Bicycle Derby track in the US for fully enjoying Minnesota summers.

The Product

Royal Foundry specializes in three different liquors: Vodka, Gin, and Rum. They create this with a British flavor in mind and their bar has drinks several drinks based around each of their creations. Their drink menu rotates seasonally to keep things fresh, but you’ll always find something to become your new favorite. Right now in the spring you’ll find plenty of  refreshing options that go down easy in all of their spirit categories. Their staff is also very knowledgeable and will find you the perfect drink to try! If you enjoy your drinks, they also offer mixology classes where you can learn to make your their great drinks as well as drinks of your own!

The Take

Royal Foundry has created a great atmosphere that promotes events and gatherings while still supplying great craft cocktails and are still adding to the long list of reasons to visit. Whether you want to stop in to try one after work or want to host a party, Royal Foundry can do it all!

For more on Royal Foundry check them out here: https://royalfoundrycraftspirits.com/

Or try for yourself at: 241 Fremont Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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