Hays Take On: Rise Bagel Co.

The Minneapolis North Loop area is filled with great stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, and this week we head to a premier breakfast, lunch, and coffee spot, Rise Bagel Co.

The Place

Tucked in just off of North Washington Ave at 6th Street, Rise fits right in with the surrounding industrial style neighborhood. With a big heavy door leading into an old warehouse space, you’re immediately greeted by their signature “Organic Flour Power” sign, which signifies their commitment to organic, wholesome bagels. The entire building is fit to match the warehouse style outside with a large, open layout. When walking in, you get great view of employees hard at work cooking up bagels and creating sandwiches for customers back in the kitchen. Large wood beams and pillars throughout creates a raw feeling on the edges, while the counter, glasswork, tables, and chairs are in smooth black and brown finishes that creates an inviting, warm vibe. Overall the layout gives you the yin and yang of being in a busy industrial neighborhood while keeping the comfortable feeling of your local coffee shop. With tables and chairs, bar stools by the windows, and a comfy couch and chair lounge area, Rise’s seating arrangements are perfect for a small group meeting, 1 on 1 meetings, or working solo all while enjoying a great bagel or coffee.


The Product

If you’re a die-hard bagel fan, Rise should end up high on your list of the best. Described as a New York/Montreal hybrid style bagel that is fully organic as well as sourced locally. The outside has a nice crisp touch while maintaining that chewy inside in every bite. With tons of flavors from classic plain to everything to whole wheat bagels as well as tons of cream cheeses, this is a go to place for this classic breakfast item. Next on the list are the meals that Rise creates from these great bagels. Breakfast sandwiches are served all day, from classic bagel, bacon, egg, and cheese, to more interesting combinations like Lox and others. Our favorite is their Migas bagel sandwich, which is an egg, cheddar jack, and pico de gallo topped with crunchy tortilla chips. It also comes with an incredible tomatillo salsa to add on top that has a sweet start with the perfect amount of kick at the end. For lunch sandwiches, they have four staples; the roast turkey, roast beef, garden veggie, and porchetta, while also rotating a few others. We were able to try a special smoked turkey and apple sandwich, that includes a ton of turkey, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, arugula, and an apple mustard, as well as sliced pickled apples. Tons of great fall flavors in this one and is a must try, so make sure to head over before it’s gone! They also feature coffee from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters as well as organic tea, juice, and other beverages!


The Take

Without a doubt, Rise Bagel Co. creates some of the best bagels you can find in the Twin Cities, while being a seamless part of the North Loop culture. With a great vibe perfect to fit any day, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this bagel shop.


For more on Rise Bagel Co, check them out here: http://www.risebagel.com/

Or go try for yourself at: 530 North Third Street Minneapolis, MN 55401

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