Hays Take On: Revival

For this weeks take we head over to a spot that’s well known, but still always one of our favorites. Revival is based around southern comfort foods, with lots of great starters, sides, and others to choose from. While Revival is mainly a fried chicken place from the outside, they have a dark horse item on the menu that is a must order…

The Place

Revival has two locations in the MSP area, the first being in southern Minneapolis, just off of Nicollet and 43rd and the other in St. Paul off of Selby. Both feature open dining rooms with a bar area however the Minneapolis location is a bit smaller. To find them, look for the beautiful custom windows with the logo frosted in them as well as dark awnings with gold stripes. Inside the Minneapolis location has tight and cozy quarters, with the bar right inside the door and the rest of the dining area past it. In the St. Paul location there’s a more open feel, with a bigger bar and high tops as well as a much larger dining area on the side, but the cozy feel remains with a nice fireplace in the back of the space. Both feature peeks into the kitchen where you can see fried chicken and other delicious eats flying around.


The Product

The Revival menu is pretty simple: Starters to get your stomach started, your main choices between sandwiches, entrees, and mainly fried chicken. They also have a TON of great sides to choose from, from traditional southern, to more comfort food spins. For starters, nothing beats their cheese curds, and these aint your average curds… beer battered curds that are dusted with cajun seasoning with a drizzle of honey over the top creates an incredible combination of sweet with a slight kick. Accompanied with a buttermilk dressing, you’ll be scraping the bottom of the basket for the last one. Next we’ll go over some of our sides before revealing the main courses. You can never go wrong with their mac and cheese, which is incredibly cheesy, despite having a nice crispy top. They also feature two types of coleslaw as well as cheddar biscuits. For those on the more traditional side, you can get collared greens, white cheddar grits, and hush puppies. Now for the main event: the fried chicken! It comes in regular southern fried, Tennessee hot, or their insane poultrygeist, and you can get 2 pieces, just white meat, a half of a bird, or a whole bird. Crispy outside skin and extra juicy meat inside, this stuff is the real deal. The Tennessee hot is make your nose run hot, and the poultrygeist is on a whole other planet… so be warned! For sandwiches, you can get a chicken sandwich, with tomato, lettuce, mayo and b&b’s. You can also get chicken and waffles that are no joke. A big waffle piled with a fried chicken thigh, a sunny side egg, as well as white gravy and syrup. This leads us to what we consider Revival’s secret weapon, their burger. The double burger comes with two almost smash patties that are crispy just on the edges and juicy in the middle, two thick slices of american cheese that are melted over the edges of the patties, mayo on the bun to keep it soft, and b&b pickles to give it a light sweet edge. This one is definitely in our top 5 in MSP, as it melts away in your mouth and is always gone too soon.

Revival has done something a little bit different than other restaurants with multiple locations in that their are some differences in their locations. In Minneapolis, they only offer beer and wine and in St. Paul they have a full cocktail menu. They also offer some smoked BBQ meat options, like their incredible brisket or pork shoulder options. This will give you an excuse to go back soon and try out both locations!


The Take

Revival has to be one of our all time favorites. Consistently great food with tons of options to choose from, no two visits ever look the same. Fried chicken that hits the mark, one of our favorite burgers, and tons of great sides, this is a place that’s high on our list.


For more on Revival, check the out here: https://www.revivalrestaurants.com/

Or try for yourself at: 4257 NICOLLET AVE · MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 55409 and 525 SELBY AVE · SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA 55102

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