Hays Take On: Red Wing Brewery

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One of our favorite “road trip for a day” destinations Red Wing, Minnesota provides good times, good food, and even good beers! We’re big fans of a midday stop to try a beer, and Red Wing Brewing was in the perfect location for a visit.

The Place

Right between downtown Red Wing and the river is the home of Red Wing Brewing, which is also conveniently located in close proximity to the original site of the first Red Wing Brewery. With big windows and the beautiful Red Wing logo out front, it’s hard to miss the brewery on your drive along Old West Main Street. A beautiful wooden bar invites you right in to order your beers along with an awesome stone sign of the brewery logo on the front. A very long bar as well as plenty of long tables create a great group atmosphere to support beer drinking parties of any size. With plenty of historical signs and information on the walls along with some peeks inside of the brew station, this taproom takes you back to the days of enjoying your cold beer after a long shift.


The Product

Our favorite part about Red Wing Brewery is that the historical ties aren’t only in the location or the tradition, but also in the beers. Currently three of their standard year round beers are recreation of brews from the late 1800s and early 1900s, on top of that they have even recreated the classic Good Old Zimmie’s root beer! One of our favorites falls into the classic category in their Red Wing Premium. A classic light style Kolsch, the beer is exactly what you’d want after a long day on the job. Recreated from the old Remmler Brewery, the Premium is beer that would be perfect to keep on hand for a day by the water. Another brew that stood out to us, and to our surprise, was the Work Boot Red. Usually the Irish Red’s don’t tend to be our favorite, but the smoothness of the Work Boot had us craving another. Along with other great beers, Red Wing Brewery also has it’s own kitchen, which focuses on Pizza and Calzones! Covering all of your favorites like meat lovers and BBQ Chicken but also providing some other interesting takes like the Seoul Food pizza, created with an authentic Korean hot sauce made in Minneapolis.


The Take

Red Wing Brewery rounds out a perfect day vacation with some great beer and pizza after a day of checking out the Red Wing store, factory, and the other sights of beautiful Red Wing, Minnesota. Once you find your go to beer, make sure to snag a growler or two to tide you over until your next visit this wonderful city!


For more on Red Wing Brewery, check here: http://www.redwingbrewing.com/index.htm

Or check them out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Red-Wing-Brewery-298948760182467/

Or take a trip and try it for yourself at: 1411 Old West Main St. Red Wing, MN



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