Hays Take On: Penny’s Coffee

This week we take a slight shift in coverage to a small coffee house that’s rising in popularity in the Twin Cities. Penny’s Coffee Shop has just opened up a second location in the Linden Hills neighborhood to add to their well known Downtown location. While they may call themselves a coffee shop, they really are so much more. With a menu stocked with sandwiches, crepes, salads, and more as well as wine and beer, Penny’s is a great stop for anytime of day.

The Place

Penny’s new Linden Hills location is conveniently located just a few blocks down West 44th Street from France Ave in South Minneapolis. With a beautiful garage door style entrance to the building that leads you right to the register, it’s hard not to walk in while walking by. With a great open concept that has plenty of work space available, from high top bars, to half booths, to full tables. They also have a downstairs area with a private conference room as well as a cool bench area with small tables for one. The Linden Hills location also features a cool shared workspace area they call Penny’s Studio. For a fee per usage or a monthly contract, you can have your own office right inside the building! Renting out space also comes with a nice discount on food and beverages too!

The Product

Without a doubt, this is some of our favorite coffee in the Twin Cities. With loads of preparation options available and the option to make almost anything iced, every coffee lover will be satisfied. Our current favorite is the La Colombe Draft Latte, that comes from a draft style pour, giving you some great foam on the top as well as a smooth finish. Think Guinness, but coffee. They also feature some specialty brews as well as a nice full tea menu. For food, the breakfast options are plentiful, classic breakfast sandwiches, granola, and classic baked goods to pair with your morning cup of joe. They also have a huge crepe menu with some great sweet options to classic features like ham and gruyere. For lunch they have a few salad options as well as classic sandwiches, like a BLT with Nueske’s Bacon or a classic tuna. A really great menu to find the perfect snack to pair with your drink or a meal to push you through your 5 hour work session.

The Take

Penny’s Linden Hills location is our new favorite workspace and also a nice low-key place to grab a bite to eat. With a fresh atmosphere and great drink selection, this place is a worth a visit.


For more information check them out here: http://www.pennyscoffee.com/

Or try for yourself at: 3509 W 44th St. Minneapolis, MN 55410

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