Hays Take On: Patrick’s Bakery

The Edina Southdale area has been extremely popular for a long time with tons of food options in the Galleria, Southdale Mall food court, and tons of other popular options like Tavern on France and others, you’ve probable tried them all if you frequent this area… However, there are a few hidden gems that don’t get discussed as often and one of those is Patrick’s Bakery. A quieter spot that can be a nice change of pace from the bustling mall life that’s just a short distance away.

The Place

Patrick’s at Southdale Square is just North East of Southdale off of Xerxes and 66th in the back corner of the strip mall area. Walking in you’ll notice the split between restaurant and bakery, with tons of baked options on the right, the line to the register down the middle, and booths and tables to the left. The atmosphere is the perfect combination of bakery with a relaxed atmosphere but just enough energy that’s provided from an open view kitchen to keep a restaurant feeling. A great mix between these two keeps things easy going while not putting you to sleep.

The Product

With lots of great options to choose from you’ll find a mixture of everything here that makes for a great afternoon bite to eat. For starters there soups and salads change regularly but come with fresh ingredients and enough to satisfy a regular lunch hunger. They also feature a variety of sandwiches both hot and cold. We had to dive into their BBQ chicken sandwich that came on a half flat bread half white bread sandwich with mixed greens that had tons of flavor while still feeling clean. On their burger/hot sandwich side we also enjoy the incredible BBQ style Philly that comes on a nice soft white hoagie and is stuffed will all of the good stuff. You also can’t forget a side of their skinny fries to complete your full meal. After your meal you can swing by the bakery side and grab one of many styles of donuts or other delicious pastries they offer.


The Take

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air from the crazy mall action of Southdale and Galleria, Patrick’s is the perfect place for a sit down and a solid bite to eat. Even if you just need a small snack you’re sure to find a baked good to refuel your daily adventure.

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