Hays Take On: Old Southern Barbecue

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This week on Hays Take, we’re talking barbecue, and not just any barbecue, we’re talking award winning barbecue. From the ribs, to the wings, to the pork, to the sauces, there has been one man behind the award winning recipes for years. While you may know him as Famous Dave of the Famous Dave’s Barbecue chain, his newest barbecue restaurant Old Southern focuses on the roots that Famous Dave’s came from, but with new recipes and in a more casual fashion. Old Southern BBQ has only one location in Minnesota, with the other three in Dave’s home state of Wisconsin, but even if you don’t live close we think Old Southern is worth the drive.

The Place:

The only Old Southern location in Minnesota is right off of France Ave and 44th ave in the Minneapolis/Edina area. The signs outside are decorated in classic BBQ fashion with big bright signs and a yellow, orange, and red color scheme. Inside you can’t mistake the smell of smoked barbecue from the moment you walk in the door. The front counter is right inside the door, which also doubles as a window into the organized chaos in the kitchen where you can see employees prepping, plating, and checking on the meats. You’ll also immediately recognize the hospitality and friendliness that accompanies a barbecue atmosphere, as all of the employees greet and serve you with a smile. Once you’ve ordered your food, seating options are plentiful with a bar rail near the entrance, multiple high top tables, standard lower tables, and a great patio right off the side of the building.  The decor is also your traditional BBQ joint style, with flames, pigs, and plenty of wood stacked up neatly waiting to go into the smoker. You’ll also see some great quotes from Dave’s father Jimmy, scattered across the walls to enjoy while you eat.


The Product:

If you enjoyed the classic barbecue of Famous Dave’s, Old Southern has built on that flavor and added even more. We have yet to try an item on the menu that we haven’t enjoyed, and we’ve tried pretty much everything. The main features are the tender pork, chicken, brisket and hot links with a great smokey flavor that doesn’t overwhelm, which you can get in sandwiches, straight up on your tray, in tacos, or in their specialty bowls that are combined with other menu items. Their ribs are St. Louis style but don’t lose that fall off the bone feeling or the great smokey taste. On top of the main meats that are incredible to begin with, their lineup of sides almost steal the show. Our favorite has to be the creamy mac n cheese, that’s topped with garlic crumbles and can be perfectly paired with any of the main options. The creamy coleslaw, party corn, and Jimmy beans also can’t be overlooked as options as well. With most of their platters and meals, you also get one of their incredible muffin tops, that have a sweet, warm taste that we love to save for dessert. Lastly, the 5 house sauce selections provides a great range of flavors, with a classic sweet and tangy, brown sugar, mustard style, and super hot, there will be a sauce for every BBQ lover. Old Southern also has some solid beer selections in house, that feature some great Minnesotan breweries as well as the classics for pairing with your meal.


The Take:

Old Southern BBQ delivers the best of Famous Dave’s and more, with stellar meats, great sides, delicious sauces, and all of the BBQ atmosphere and hospitality. The only downside is that there aren’t more locations in Minnesota! When you go, don’t be afraid to order party platters and share with others to give everything a try and make sure to start a punch card, because if you enjoy it as much as we do you’ll be back soon!


For more on Old Southern Barbecue head here: https://www.oldsouthernbbq.com/

Check them out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/oldsouthernbbqmpls/

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldsouthernbbq/?hl=en

and try for yourself at 4501 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410!


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