Hays Take On: Mesa Pizza

For Hays Take On this week we visit a spot that started providing great pizza by the slice to University of Minnesota students back in 2006. Never shying away from any style or variety of pizza, Mesa has been a favorite of Golden Gopher students for over 20 years.

The Place

Starting with the Dinkytown locations near the University of Minnesota, over the past few years Mesa has opened up shop in Uptown as well as in Iowa. Their stores are known for providing pizza by the slice, but have perfected the method of firing it up to cook for your order so you get a fresh slice every time. This leaves the layout very straight forward: the line forms up at the door and passes by a beautiful display of all of the pizzas available to order. Behind this display, workers are tending the oven, creating more pizzas, or serving guests. The seating is usually pretty limited, but barstools and small tables fill the rest of the space. Around the walls they usually feature art from guests or employees.


The Product

Mesa pizza is unique in their pizza style, as they are an order by the slice, but their pizza is always fresh. They prepare the pizzas before and pre slice, then when you’ve chose your slice, they simply send it to the over for proper cooking and you end up with a slice thats hot and fresh! Their topping varieties seem to be endless, and they always have something new every time we stop in. Your classic choices like pepperoni, sausage, and cheese are always available, but Mesa has gotten their great reputation from their more interesting creations. One of their classics is the mac n cheese pizza, that is covered in melty cheese and noodles. Another classic is their bacon cheeseburger, that combines hamburger meat, extra cheese, and bacon all piled on your slice. One specialty piece we got to try last visit was their new Reuben slice, which had corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese with a drizzle of thousand island over the top. Other examples of their ingenuity include their spicy chicken burrito, Philly cheesesteak, tortellini pesto, and more! They always carry standards, but there’s always something to try every visit!


The Take

A real classic at the University of Minnesota, Mesa always delivers a fresh slice and a diverse menu. This spot will always stay on our radar for a quick and interesting slice!


For more on Mesa, check them out here: http://www.mesapizzamn.com/

Or try here at their original location: 1323 4th St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

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