Hays Take On: Matt’s Bar

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How can we review food in the MSP area, especially all of the burgers we’ve tasted so far, without giving a take on Matt’s Bar. Home to the original Jucy Lucy, not much has changed over the years. A simple menu is all that’s needed at the birthplace of a burger great, that is consistently the best.

The Place

Matt’s is everything you’d want in bar/burger joint. Located right on the corner of Cedar Ave and 35th in Minneapolis, making it an easily accessible location for a mid day break or a nice quick dinner. The corner entrance takes you right to the bar front, where you get a great view of the whole place. Over the years they’ve been smart to add plenty of tables to make sure there’s plenty of space for the lunch/dinner rushes. In the end, your focus here will be on the food and the classic bar feel will help you along.


The Product

The menu only contains a few items, mainly because there’s only a few you really need. We’ll start with the fries and work our way to the main event this time, that are similar to a McDonald’s style skinny fry with salt, but with a little more girth. Complemented by some classic Heinz 57 in the classic all red bottle makes for the perfect side. They also have a great double cheese, hamburger, and chicken sandwich, if you’re extra hungry after the main event. The Jucy Lucy, started at Matt’s, is a MUST TRY no matter what. While there are many imitators and imposters, only Matt’s has perfected the cheese stuffed patty. Perfectly cooked to seal everything in and topped with onions and pickles, as well as your perfect amount of added ketchup and mustard, this thing is one of a kind. One of these paired with a shared basket amount of fries is the exact right amount of food to satisfy a hungry stomach. We also like to throw in a nice tall PBR, but they have a nice selection of cans and specialties to suit any beer drinkers palette.


The Take

The original Jucy Lucy has yet to disappoint us after all of these years. If you haven’t tried it, try it. If you have tried it, I hope this has inspired you to get another. And if you are getting another, invite us along so we can have one too!

Check out more from Matt’s here: http://mattsbar.com/

Check it out for yourself at: 3500 Cedar Ave S. Minneapolis, MN


Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!



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