Hays Take On: Mac’s Fish and Chips

Fish. Chips. Strips. There’s no point in hiding behind any other name when you do something well, and Mac’s Fish and Chips follow that rule, however, while things may seem obvious, there is a bit more than meets the eye here.

The Place

Mac’s has three locations, with the original being in St. Paul. With the newly added location off of Lyndale Ave S and W 54th, Mac’s has become much more accessible to us West siders. With a small parking lot on the side with only 3 spots and the old fashioned hamburger stand look is exactly what you’d imagine from a hidden gem/mom and pop spot. While the outside looks pretty old school, inside is clean and modern with a nice clean countertop to order and great tables and chairs in a bright eating space.


The Product

The menu is pretty obvious from the name, but when you do something well, there’s no need to have anything else. Your options are any of 6 different options: Halibut, Walleye, Cod, Shrimp, Clams, or Chicken and they all come perfectly battered in Mac’s homemade special recipe breading. The strips are big, the outside is hot a crispy while still being soft and smooth. Their sides include their fries which end up being a comfy in-between of steak fries and McDonald’s style fry, extra soft but extra cheesy cheese curds, or their version of poutine! It’s tough to go wrong with any choice but a true Minnesotan will really enjoy the Walleye or for the non-fish eaters their chicken strips are top notch. They also provide tartar sauce, ketchup, and their signature Key Lime Jalepeño sauce which keeps things extra spicy. For dessert you can’t miss their incredible saltwater taffy that comes in plenty of flavor options and starts chewy but melts away into your mouth!


The Take

Mac’s is a nice Minnesotan hidden gem that provides one of the best crispy coated outside to any of their choices and finishes with some incredible saltwater taffy.


For more on Mac’s check them out here: https://www.macsfishchipsstrips.com/about/


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