Hays Take On: Lions Tap

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Burgers remain one of our favorite meals to cover for Hays Take, so you know when you visit a place that ONLY has burgers on its main menu, they have to be great. You also know a place with such a great history and tradition like Lions Tap in Eden Prairie is always going to provide a great experience as well.

The Place

On the edge of Eden Prairie and just shy of Shakopee, Lions Tap is a quick drive from the cities, but those who know and love the burgers are willing to make the drive no matter where they’re coming from. Nestled into a small hill, when you enter the building from the parking lot you actually walk down into the building. The walls are decorated with awards, write ups, and other great Lions Tap features as well as trophy fish and merchandise. Over the years Lions tap has created plenty of space to sit, from the main dining room, to the bar, to the back corner dining space by the fireplace. The waitstaff is very friendly and you can tell who the regulars are by the playful banter between them and the employees, which creates a great friendly atmosphere, that makes even first time customers feel at home.


The Food

Like we previously mentioned, the menu is simple: Burgers and fries. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just the classics. The only variations they offer are the California (with a cheese option), Bacon Cheese, and Mushroom Swiss. These all come in single patty options or double patty and ingredient options, for those who love an extra tall burger. They cook each patty medium with a tiny little pink inside, but maintains that nice crisp outside that keeps it from falling apart. With melted cheese and your assorted toppings, these burgers build upwards quickly! The buns are big, but light, and allow you to press them down as you work all of the ingredients into one bite. An order of fries is a small carton of fries that’s stuffed to capacity with definite overflow, so make sure you get your fries that have spilled onto the serving tray as well. These crinkle cut fries are thick with a nice crisp outside and taste great with the ketchup/mustard/mayo combo that has spilled out of your burger! Lions Tap is also a unique stop as they also serve their own craft beers on tap as well as 1919 root beer. You can order these in a glass or in a full pitcher to share with the table!


The Take

Nothing beats a classic and there’s a reason they have “famous hamburgers” as their slogan. When you look up “burger and fries” in the dictionary, this is what you see. Lions Tap has yet to disappoint and we highly doubt it ever will.


Check out Lions Tap here: http://www.lionstap.com/

Or check them out for yourself: 16180 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55347

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