Hays Take On: Lake Monster Brewing

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If you’ve watched our most recent Hays Happenings video for the month of May, you’ll notice that we stopped and filmed over at Lake Monster Brewing over in St. Paul. Right before we started filming, we were approached by an employee asking us what we were up to, after we explained, he told us to come in after we got our shot to give him more information. Inside we were greeted by part owner Matt Zanetti, who before taking on the brewing world, was also in the real estate game!  After w got his story, we toured the facility with Matt, got to see their supply, and even tried a few current and soon to be released brews!

The Place

Lake Monster Brewing’s Tap Room is located right off of Vandalia St. in St. Paul, just off of Highway 94. Tucked back in the Wabasha buildings and in the shadow of an enormous water tower, the taproom is surrounded by some awesome neighbors, including a theatre, escape room, and more! As you approach the door, you’ll notice that Lake Monster’s patio extends out underneath the water tower and is in close proximity to a nearby roundabout where food trucks will stop each day to sell to Lake Monster customers. When you enter the tap room, there’s plenty of seating space as well as a direct path to their bar as well as great sight lines to the brewing equipment. With a beautiful wood bar in the industrial style building, Lake Monster’s tap room captures the classic brewery vibe with some of their own twists. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the back and see some behind the scenes work that goes into creating some of these great brews. Lake Monster cans and sells their beers as well as serving them in their tap room, so they have a whole canning mechanism as well as a huge cooled supply room that is filled to the brim with pallets of their beer (Matt may have told us to grab a case or two as he looked away, but the cameras didn’t end up with any conclusive evidence).


The Product

Thanks to Matt and the other friendly staff members in the tap room, we were able to try out a bunch of different beers and even a few that aren’t on tap yet! Of course we gave a run through 3 of their flagship beers starting with the Buddy Check, an easy drinkin’ session IPA, followed by the Empty Rowboat IPA, which maintained that nice smooth taste, but with added fruit flavors. Our favorite of the flagships had to be the Calhoun Claw, a Czech-style pilsner that transported us to a feeling of good times out on the dock in the sun. We also got a taste of one of their seasonal beers, the Juicy Pale Ale which will be a hit with any beer fan who loves that sweet fruit taste. There were also a few other beers we got to sample that aren’t available yet or are still in the works, and we really wish we could tell you what they were because they were so good. The best way to catch these as they come out is to stop in and try out their rotating taps, or keep tabs on their social media to see what’s new!


The Take

We want to give a huge shoutout to Matt and the crew for the tour, the beer, and the great stories shared. With a friendly and inviting staff, beautiful tap room, and a great beer list, Lake Monster Brewing is doing it right. Make sure you look for their flagship beers in your local liquor stores as well as stop in to try some of their rotating seasonal selections as well!

Check out more from Lake Monster here: http://www.lakemonsterbrewing.com/

Check them out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lakemonsterbrewing/


Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!

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