Hays Take On: Isles Bun and Coffee

If you’re familiar with the Uptown area, you’ve most likely heard of or visited this spot, but if you’re new or from outside the metro this could be your new spot for a morning or afternoon . For over 20 years Isles Bun and Coffee has been providing baked goods and warm coffee to the Uptown area and over the years have developed into a go to spot for many.

The Place

Off of the busy Hennepin Ave in South Minneapolis at W 28th St. Isles Bun provides retreat from the busy Uptown life. Walking in you immediately feel the relaxed coffee shop vibes, but the big windows from the front keep things bright and energetic instead of dark and hidden like some coffee spots. The counter is directly at the entrance in front of one of the main parts of kitchen, and the smell of baked goods and coffee circulates throughout. On display below the counter are all sorts of baked goods to choose from with a chalkboard menu above to cover things you may not see. Inside there are plenty of seating options, with tables and half booths as well as a standup bar space. They also have a plenty of seating outside to enjoy the summer weather or enjoy your coffee with a four legged friend!

The Product

Isles Bun and Coffee prides themselves in their sweet baked goods, and they have plenty to be proud of. Each is made from scratch daily so you’ll always be getting something fresh, from giant cinnamon rolls, to rustic cakes and scones, everything is warm and sweet. Every one of their baked goods seems to be perfectly balanced and you can tell that these are recipes that have been perfected over the many years of baking. One of their most popular items is the Puppy Dog Tail, which is basically a cinnamon roll twisted up into an elongated shape and covered in icing! Isles Bun also features another item, which may not fit perfectly into their “coffee shop” mold: Pizza! This isn’t any ordinary pizza however, this rectangular, foccaccia bread pizza adds a savory lunch element into the menu that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else! Another great part about Isles Bun is that they’re more than happy to do large quantities of items of your choosing to get your office’s work day off to a strong start! They also have plenty of options in the coffee department, with plenty of popular styles like lattes and cappuccinos as well as cold brew!

The Take

With incredible hand baked goods, a large coffee selection, and a great upbeat coffee shop atmosphere, Isles Bun and Coffee will forever be one of our favorite early afternoon stops as we travel around town. If only we could start every day with a warm cup of coffee and Puppy Dog Tail…


For more, check them out here: https://islesbun.com/

Or try for yourself at: 1424 West 28th Street, Mpls

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