Hays Take On: Inbound BrewCo

Hays Take On: Inbound BrewCo

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With so many popping up around the Twin Cities area, it hasn’t been a surprise that we’ve gotten so many recommendations for a variety of different breweries across the state. However, the ones that really blow us away don’t solely have great beer or a nice taproom, they have a personality that is created from a mixture of all of its components. Inbound BrewCo offers all of the best features right in the popular North Loop area of Minneapolis. The taproom, the beer, the people, and the atmosphere create a place that’s worth stopping at no matter your mood.

The Place:

Inbound BrewCo’s taproom is one of our favorites due to the variety of spaces it hosts. Just a few blocks down the road from Target Field, this is a must add to your brewery tour in the North Loop. It’s a huge warehouse style area that has huge ceilings, large windows, and exposed brewing equipment, however you can get different levels of intimacy depending on where you sit. If you’re trying to enjoy your beer with your crew in a smaller area, you can head up to their small upstairs space that’s a little further away from the action. If you’re there by yourself, hit up the full circle style bar and you’ll be sure to make friends with someone to your right, left, or across from you. If you and your friends want to be in the middle of action, try taking up one of the high top “floating” wood bars in the center of the room. There are also long tables for your big group, your small group to meet another small group, or even small tables for two. On top of that, Inbound is also a dog friendly brewery so feel free to bring your four legged friends in as well! Inbound also features a small shop area where you can buy shirts and other merchandise as well as growlers. They also have a stage area where they’ll feature a band, a DJ, or other acts from time to time. Just a short walk out of the front garage door, there is usually a food truck stationed to provide you with some food to accompany your beers as well.


The Product:

Inbound features a HUGE list of brews, including some great variety in style as well as a decent sized list of collaborations. With some seasonal choices and other rotational creations, you’ll always be able to try something new when stopping by. Over the past few years, Inbound has created a ton of great IPA style beers with some great flavor twists as well as a focus on the “easy to drink” style beers. One of their standard choices is the Apricot Pale Ale. A hoppy and light style brew features some sweet and some mild touches, but it always goes down smooth. If you want to get sweeter, try out their Mango American IPA which has flavors of, you guessed it, Mango! In the sours category, the Gose usually stays on rotation due to its fruity, wheat tastes all while maintaining that sour style. If you’re struggling on where to start or are new to craft beers, the super friendly bar staff will hook you up with what’s popular and match up to your tastes to find something that you’ll love! Even better, for 2018, Inbound is starting to can their beers, so you if you can’t make the drive to the Loop, you can still enjoy their beers! While the first in the canned series is Super G Lovshake, a milkshake style IPA, this could be the start of production for even more of their great beers!


The Take:

Inbound definitely jumps up high on our brewery list due to its versatility of venue and character. It doesn’t matter if you’re going by yourself or with a huge group, Inbound will satisfy. It’s really hard to beat a spot where the taproom is great, the staff is great, the beer is great, AND they have dogs!


Check out more from Inbound here: http://inboundbrew.co/

and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inboundbrewco/

and check it all out yourself at 701 N. 5th Street [North Loop] MPLS 55401


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