Hays Take On: Hoa Bien

This week we continue on from Middle Eastern food further east to a top notch Vietnamese stop in St. Paul; Hoa Bien. A traditional Vietnamese style restaurant that features some of your other favorite Asian dishes, it’s an unsuspecting spot that has great hot meals that can fill your craving.

The Place

Hoa Bien is located on the corner University and Lexington, just a block away from 94, making it very convenient for anyone traveling between the Twin Cities.  It’s convenient corner location and parking lot attached makes it easily accessible as long as you can make it to the other side of the light rail! Recently remodeled, Hoa Bien keeps a very classy look, with big windows to let light in, dark wood floors and tables and nice booths along the wall. There’s very minimal decoration, so you don’t get a hole-in-the-wall feel like some smaller restaurants provide, but everything here is well done. The service is quick, menus are nice, and waiters are very friendly.


The Product

With a big menu, Hoa Bien provides all of the traditional Vietnamese favorites along with your other classic Asian dishes. Lots of great protein options, fresh veggies, and more, you’ll find a little bit of everything you love in Asian cuisine. Since the menu is so large, we’ll just highlight some of our favorites. The egg rolls filled with pork and veggies are so fresh always make a great starter as well as their incredible shrimp and pork spring rolls. Their Pho list is phenomenal, with options to include all of your favorite proteins. The broth comes out extra hot, tons of soft noodles, and great toppings create the perfect meal fit for any time of day. We add plenty of sriracha and jalapenos to get that extra spice that can’t be beat! Their rice/veggie bowls also come out hot as well as super fresh. Prepared in tons of styles you can find exactly what you’re looking for here. They also offer other plates like noodles, chow mein, and lettuce wraps among other Asian favorites. The best part is that they all come out extra hot and fresh as well as made in the traditional Vietnamese style.


The Take

If your favorite spots are ones that stick to the traditional style, look no further as Hoa Bien provides all of the great flavors from Vietnam. You’ll find everything you’re looking for on the menu and their quick service makes this an ideal place for a quick working lunch.


For more check them out here: http://www.hoa-bien.com/

Or try for yourself at: 1105 University Ave St. Paul, MN

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