Hays Take On: Hello Pizza

This week for Hays Take On we go back to an always favorite meal: Pizza. However, this pizza is part of one of the great pizza dynasties of Minnesota. In a family of Pizza restaurants including Pizzeria Lola and Young Joni, Hello Pizza takes the great taste from chef Ann Kim and puts it into a slice serve style restaurant.

The Place

Just off of France and 44th, Hello Pizza’s giant bulb “Hello” sign sticks out even during the coldest and snowiest nights Minnesota has to offer. Nestled in with the shops at 44th and France, it sits right next to an old Edina staple, Convention Grill. A simple layout, with the counter displaying pizza options and quick register, Hello is built for the single slice meal. It has that great feeling of a New York pizza stop, with pizzas constantly going in and out of the ovens and display pizza refreshed, but without all the hustle and bustle outside. The dining space is filled with long tables and chairs and decorated with bright and simple signs and decor as well as photos from their very popular in store photo booth! Everything here maintains that quick vibe, which allows for a differentiator between it’s other siblings. Young Joni is a nice sit down restaurant, with more options than just pizza as well as a great wine selection, where Pizzeria Lola is somewhere between with a sit down dining style, but more casual than Joni.


The Product

While all of the restaurants have their differences in style, the pizza remains very similar. Using all of the same ingredients and toppings as its siblings, Hello Pizza does not disappoint. Whether it’s sausage, pepperoni, cheeses, or anything else, Hello gets the same love Joni and Lola do. The only big difference is in the dough, which at Hello, they use a different combination in order to create the large slices that are available for purchase. With a classic pepperoni and cheese present as staples, there are also a few other styles you can always find at Hello. One is the Hello Rita, which is olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano, as well as our favorite, the Hello Trinity, which has homemade fennel sausage, pepperoni in natural casing, and cremini mushrooms. Top any of these with your choice of hot sauce, red pepper, extra cheese, and more! You can also get creative and create your own monster 18 inch pizza choosing from your favorite Hello toppings. They also feature a few beers from local breweries as well as Izzy’s ice cream for dessert!

The Take

If you’re a New York style pizza fan, say Hello to Hello Pizza. With plenty of “flop” while still maintaining crispness, these slices can go up against the best anywhere. With a fun and quick atmosphere, Hello is a great casual or fast lunch and dinner spot.

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