Hays Take On: Frenchman’s

Unless you’ve grown up or spent some real time in Richfield, you’ve probably never heard of Frenchman’s. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate dive bar experience, look no further. A staple in the town for many years, it’s a great place to kick back, enjoy a cold beer and enjoy some great bar food.

The Place

Located off of East 66th just a few blocks off of Cedar Ave, Frenchman’s curb appeal is exactly what you’d expect from a dive bar: If you miss the “Frenchman’s” in between the Bud Light and Miller Lite logos, you’ll probably drive right by. When you enter you’ll notice scattered tables that lead up to the bar. Like any good dive bar, Frenchman’s is dimly lit by some old school style lights and neon signs. There are also plenty of games to play while enjoying a cold one, including pool tables, darts, and more arcade games.


The Product

Frenchman’s has a huge selection of beers on tap, from classic favorites to local greats and everything in between. They also have the ingredients to make just about any mixed drink you’d like as well. Frenchman’s is is pretty simple: your classic wings, fries, and curds, a few varieties of Heggie’s Pizza, classic chicken and club sandwiches, and plenty of burgers. Frenchman’s is probably best down for their “skyscraper” double California cheeseburger, with double patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo which is enough to fill any stomach. Chips are the standard side, but it’s worth it to upgrade to their classic fries. Somewhere between a thick cut steak fry and McDonald’s style, these come super hot out of the kitchen and can please any french fry fan. With so many great dive bar options, anyone’s favorite should be available on the menu.


The Take

Frenchman’s has everything you love about Minnesota dive bars: the classic atmosphere, plenty of great drinks, great bar food, and great times. If you’re ever in the Richfield area and are craving a nice burger/beer combo, look no further.


To try Frenchman’s for yourself: 1400 E 66th St, Minneapolis, MN 55423

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