Hays Take On: Fabled Rooster Food Truck

Hays Take On is a blog series where we explore the Twin Cities (and more) in order to find the best and most interesting food and drink stops. Check for updates every Wednesday and follow along to see what we find!


This week for Hays Take On we’ve decided to mix it up and give a shout out again to one of our favorite spots: Inbound BrewCo. We recently returned to grab an afternoon beer and enjoy the nice weather and were pleasantly surprised to have “just a beer” turn into dinner from the Fabled Rooster food truck outside of the brewery.

The Brews

Of course a trip to Inbound means a nice glass of their Kolsch, one of our personal favorites as well as the Cream Ale, which is now definitely in our top 5. Coming in again and finding a new favorite has been a great reminder that all of these great breweries we visit keep coming out with awesome new concoctions all the time, so it’s important to keep visiting to see what they have cooking up. Even if you don’t find something that becomes a favorite on your first visit, they might rotate in a new beer that you’ll love! They’ve also started canning more beers (we called it!) now including The Fuzz, their apricot ale as well as the Fruit of the Loop citrus IPA! Carried in plenty of liquor stores across the metro area, make sure to take a peek for them in your local shop! Even if these aren’t your favorite brews, the incredible art on the can makes them hard to miss and worth the buy!


The Food

One thing we haven’t covered yet on Hays Take is a food truck, and Fabled Rooster is a great opener! This veteran owned food truck has a constantly changing menu depending on the season, but if their future dishes are as good as the one we tried, you’re sure to be in for a treat. Parked right outside of Inbound’s front entrance, the delicious smells coming from the truck were too much to resist while we enjoyed our beer. First, we went for a food truck classic, the cheese curds to get us started. A real classic, with a soft crunch outside and warm inside served with a side of the always necessary Heinz 57 ketchup! The real star here was the Togarashi Fried Chicken Sandwich, which totally blew us away. The chicken breast was marinated in sweet tea and then breaded with panko bread crumbs and mixed with Togarashi to give it a nice crunchy outside. Togarashi is a Japanese blend of chili spices that added the perfect wildcard to the classic chicken sandwich. Topped with Miso Aioli and their house pickles, we had a meal we were fighting over.

The Take

None of our Takes are ever one and done and as we find more new hidden gems, we’re adding them into our ever expanding rotation of spots for a drink, a meal, or just a good time! With all of the incredibly talented people who call the metro area home, there’s always something new to be discovered even at places you may think you’ve known forever. Just remember, if you are going to back to one of these or one of your favorite spots, give us a call so we can join you!


Check out Inbound BrewCo here: http://inboundbrew.co/

Check out Fabled Rooster here: http://www.thefabledrooster.com/


Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the next adventure and if you have any suggestions on places we need to check out let us know in the comments!

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