Hays Take On: Convention Grill

We’re kicking off 2019 with a neighborhood classic for malts, burgers, and fries just down the street at Convention Grill. Since 1934 they’ve been delivering the classics to the Sunnyside neighborhood in Edina, and they continue to do the same today!

The Place

Just off of Sunnyside Rd. and France Ave sits the longstanding Convention Grill. One of the most classic diners you’ll ever visit, every inch of the building is dripping with nostalgic feel. With red and white checked table cloths, waitresses with the great white uniforms and aprons, and the diner style kitchen bar with those iconic red stools, this place is straight out of your favorite classic movie. Entering in from the street you’ll see that great bar where you can watch some of the action take place, or head back into the dining area that’s filled with plenty of booths and tables to handle the rush. The big windows on the side provide a great view out into the 44th and France area that we’ve come to know and love. After you’ve finished your meal you even pay old school style up at the register, but don’t forget to leave a cash tip on the table for your waitress!


The Product

One of our favorite parts about the classic spots is the simplicity of the menu. Just burgers, a few sandwiches, fries, shakes, and malts are what make up a majority of the menu, and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. A nice juicy patty with your choice of cheese and condiments is always a solid choice and is definitely where many kids got their love for burgers. The fries are somewhere between a steak fry and skinny style to appeal to any fry lovers desires and cooked to the perfect crisp that doesn’t break in the ketchup while staying soft inside. The malts come in all of the best flavors, from classic chocolate and vanilla to Oreo and Reese’s, and they don’t skimp on the size, so we recommend splitting unless you have a big stomach and high tolerance for brain freezes.


The Take

It was always a treat to eat here in elementary school, we rode our bikes there in middle school, and still go back there today, Convention Grill will always be a favorite to bring you a blast from the past while enjoying delicious diner food and malts!

For more on Convention Grill check them out here: http://www.conventiongrillmn.com/index.html

Or try for yourself here: 3912 Sunnyside Rd. Edina, MN

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