Hays Take On: Burger Jones

While this spot has been around for a while, it always seems to fly under the radar. With the success of the Parasole group, it’s a surprise Burger Jones isn’t as talked about as other members, but today we’re going to dive in and show you why it’s one of our favorites!

The Place

Burger Jones has two locations, one in Burnsville as well as one near Uptown that we frequent. The overall vibe of Burger Jones maintains the classier feel of other Parasole restaurants, such as Salut, Pittsburgh Blue, and of course Manny’s, but also mixes in a cool diner feel while staying modern. A great open space with lots of great natural colored wood tables and dark chairs, booths with black leather like the old diners, and a bar tucked into the back, there’s plenty of seating here, but if you’re worried, you can also use OpenTable to reserve your spot! They also provide a peek back into the kitchen if you’re curious about whats going on in the back next to an enormous photo of a man smashing a tasty looking burger into his face.


The Product

Even though the menu at Burger Jones is generally very predictable, with burgers, fries, shakes, and other diner food, there are a lot of spotlights and options that really make this place special. Their standard option is to build your own burger, with TONS of options, including the option to switch out their fresh custom cut beef patty with chicken, pulled pork, vegan patty, lamb, bison, or impossible. You then get to pick your standard toppings, or pick from 9 different cheeses, fancier options like eggs, onion rings and more, as well as add some other off the wall options like peanut butter (one of our favorites), salsa, and others! Then with all of this you can roll with their awesome bun, that’s lightly buttered and toasted to add a little crunch, a gluten free bun, or their extra thing bun! There are so many options, anyone should be able to create something to their liking! They also feature some of their own creations to help you take the thinking out of it, like their Stack Pack, which is the Jones version of the big mac, complete with double patties, double cheese, diced onion, and a secret sauce that comes with a side of fries. Another great concoction from the kitchen comes the White Trash Burger, that includes chicken fried bacon, cheese curds, and tons of velveeta cheese, and also comes in a “double wide” options as well as a PBR tall boy on the side! Outside of burgers, they also have the Diablo Chicken Sandwich, a Gyro Burger with lamb and tahini, and plenty of other non-burger sandwich options! Their sides include plenty of fry types with over 10 different dipping sauces, onion rings, jalapeño poppers, and more! On the bar side, they have their own specialty Mason Jar cocktails as well as other great specialty drinks. They also feature a great tap list, which includes plenty of Minnesota local favorites as well as cans and a wine list! Finally, a diner style burger joint wouldn’t be complete without shakes! With a few staples like Oreo and chocolate chip cookie, you can always expect a new shake every month to try!


The Take

Burger Jones may fly under the radar in the Parasole lineup, however the numerous options help create a meal for anyone and every mood. You can stop in for a classic burger and shake, or get a nice sandwich and a cocktail! A must try if you haven’t and a must go again if you haven’t been back in a while!


For more check them out here: https://burgerjones.com/index.php

or try for yourself at: 3200 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55416

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