Hays Take On: Bull’s Horn

Where there are good things to be said about a burger, we’re there to give it a try! This week we head over to City Page’s Best Burger of 2019 as well as Best Neighborhood Bar in 2018, Bull’s Horn.

The Place

Located between Lake Nokomis and Highway 55 in South Minneapolis on the corner of S 34th and E 46th is Bull’s Horn, which from the outside looks like many other of our favorite restaurant/bars. Once you enter the doors you get that classic dive bar feel with the bar by the door, booths along the sides, and various games and tables towards the back as well as an area for pull tabs. The bar is decorated with, you guessed it, a pair of bull’s horns, as well as a buck head and great wood features. One of our favorite pieces is the bubble hockey machine that sits just on the other side of the door, still in great shape! The walls are decorated with classic bar decor, including lots of great local bits. In the back they also have a patio that’ll let you enjoy the fresh air while enjoying some great food.


The Product

The menu Bull’s Horn is full of classic bar favorites, but each seems to be specifically chosen and prepared a certain way that keeps every option interesting. For starters, their wings come in a few different styles, with our choice being their dry rub. They come out nice and crispy and the seasoning isn’t overpowering to the meat. They also do some off the radar starters like deviled eggs and crispy chicken gizzards! Next is their main event, their burger and sandwich selection. While there are some unique options like the Pizza Burger (complete with pepperoni, mozzarella, onions, and marinara sauce) or the fried bologna, their champion is the Bull’s Horn Burger, which from the ingredients list looks like any other house burger. What really makes this one a standout and also what made City Pages name it their favorite burger this year, is the attention to detail. Starting with a darker bun that’s soft but stays firm to hold everything together, the Bull’s Horn burger features a great sturdy patty, shredded lettuce, pickles, and a tangy special sauce. We highly recommend you add their house made American cheese as well as thick crispy bacon that breaks perfectly in each bite instead of pulling apart your burger on the first try. Another great feature of this burger is that it starts at just $8.50! Another great feature on the menu is that they have daily specials starting after 4 that keep things interesting if you don’t get completely addicted to the burger, including options like different types of ribs, a fish fry, southern fried chicken, and more!


The Take

It’s safe to say that Bull’s Horn fits perfectly into everything we like to see in a great neighborhood bar, plus, they have one of our new favorite burgers! The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is great, and we’ll take on any challengers in bubble hockey, loser buys dinner and drinks!


For more, check them out here: https://www.bullshornfoodanddrink.com/

Or try for yourself at: 4563 S 34TH Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55406

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