Hays Take On: Broder’s Pasta Bar

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We’ve been really into all of the new, fresh, hot spots in the southern Minneapolis area, but sometimes you can’t beat a classic. Opening in 1982, Broder’s Cucina Italiana is where the tradition started, but 12 years later the full Broder’s Pasta Bar was started across the street and it opened a whole new door on how to enjoy the great Italian food from the Broder family.

The Place

Located just across 50th from the original Broder’s Cucina Italiana and across Penn from Broder’s newest addition to the family, Terzo Wine Bar, there seems to be an Italian takeover in this area. While the restaurant might be on the smaller side, their outdoor patio is the perfectsolution to enjoy some starters and wine while you wait for your table. Covered from the sun with a small bar, the outdoor patio can even make a great spot for an after work glass of wine and bruschetta! The inside features a central bar with tables around, as well as a look back into the kitchen that lets the aromas of the food leak out into the dining room.


The Product

There’s a reason that all of the Broder’s restaurants have been so successful, and the food is definitely a huge factor. With all of your favorite classic dishes, to more new and inventive plates, Broder’s combines Italian taste with seasonal and local ingredients to keep a deep and fresh menu. They also feature a ton of great wine choices that will have you trying something new each time. Our favorite dishes are ones that can’t be beat, specifically the fettuccine alla bolognese that features a less chunky sauce that’s still packed with beef/pork flavor that allows for perfectly balanced bites. On the lighter side, the risotto with chicken has a great fresh lemony flavor while still maintaining a nice thickness. They also feature some phenomenal desserts to choose from as well, but for something that covers all of the bases, try the profiterole or Bigné as they’re called in Italy, which is a pastry shell filled with salty caramel ice cream and covered in a warm chocolate sauce.


The Take

Broder’s has always been a signature favorite and they’ve continued that tradition still over 30 years later. With so many options there’s something new to try every time as well as the comfort in knowing your favorite Italian dish will still be available. As long as they keep doing things this way, Broder’s will remain high on our list for Italian food.


Check out Broder’s Pasta Bar here: https://www.broderspastabar.com/

Or try it for yourself here: 5000 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN


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