Hays Take On: Book Club

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This week for Hays Take we continue down Penn from 50th at Broder’s to 54th, where Bartmann Group’s newest restaurant, Book Club, is located. The Bartmann Group has been behind many great Minneapolis restaurants, including Barbette, Bryant Lake Bowl, and Pat’s Tap just to name a few. At Book Club, you can expect Californian style food with fresh flavors and unique tastes that we’ve come to expect with the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

The Place

Book Club is located in the Armitage neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis in the building that was formerly Cafe Maude. With a beautiful patio out front as well as a nice open layout, Book Club is incredibly inviting. Inside a large bar takes center stage with lots of seating options all surrounded by bright colors and lots of greenery. With the umbrellas outside, don’t be afraid to enjoy a cocktail in this warm weather we’re getting as well. Book Club also has a very friendly and knowledgable waitstaff that can help navigate you through the menu if it’s your first trip.


The Food

Book Club features different menus for each meal of the day, with brunch taking place only on the weekends from 9 am to 2 pm, lunch on the weekdays from 11 am to 5 pm, and dinner starting at 4 pm until close, which is at 10 pm during the week and Sunday, and 11 on Friday and Saturday. They treat each of the menus like a story, but all contain a very unique variety of foods. They all have their Prologues (Starters), In the Margins (Sides), and Full Stories (Main Courses) but each has their own twists and turns with other options available. We stopped by for dinner and started with the wood fired chicken wings, that featured an incredible sweet and spicy chili sauce that we couldn’t get enough of. For our Full Story, we tried out their very popular Grilled Cheese that comes with shallots, green, sweet, and red onion, all covered with cheddar cheese. While there are lots of other ingredients in a classic meal, you never lose the feeling of eating a grilled cheese. We also tried a special chipotle twist on their Rice Bowl that featured chipotle seasoned chicken as well as beans, rice, sour cream, and other southwestern style accompaniments. Other popular items on the menu include their Shallot Tarragon Burger, the Confit Turkey Leg that comes with apple cider BBQ sauce, and the Steak Salad.


The Take

Book Club features tons of great options for every meal of the day, as well as a great cocktail and beer list to complement your food. The Bartmann Group has created another winner here that can fit as your favorite new cocktail spot or hidden gem dinner go-to.


Check out Book Club here: http://www.bookclubrestaurant.com/

Or go try it for yourself at: 5411 Penn Ave S. Mpls., MN 55419

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