Hays Take On: Bogart’s Doughnut Co

On Hays Take this week we head directly to what to some is the first meal of the day and others the final piece of a meal: Doughnuts! With 3 locations around the MSP area, everyone has access to the wonder that is Bogart’s Doughnuts, who have taken a great pastry and created something extra special!

The Place

The original Bogart’s Doughnuts is off of S 36th St in South Minneapolis, small and simple is the trend throughout the other two locations, which are more of kiosks, that are located in Crystal Court in the IDS Center and Keg and Case Market in St. Paul! All feature the signature clean white look, with white subway tile, stainless steel counters, and their classic red lettering, once you’ve experienced the flavor this color combination with continuously remind you of the taste. With doughnuts, there’s no need for tables as they’re the perfect to go item for a quick breakfast or quick dessert after a meal.


The Product

Doughnuts are in the name, and Doughnuts are on the menu. With all varieties of doughnuts available, from classic glazed, to cream filled, to chocolate, Bogart’s covers all of the bases in this discipline. One of their specialties include a Cold-Press Cake Doughnut, that has dough filled with cold press coffee ground and espresso, so you can get your favorite pick me up and a bite to eat all in one! Another specialty are their filled doughnuts, that usually come in a Nutella filled or Vanilla Bean Butter-cream filling. Our pro tip with these is to save one for later in the fridge for a nice cool filling! One thing you’ll notice about many of the doughnuts on the menu is the brioche dough that’s used. It creates a great raised doughnut, but doesn’t feel like a big sugary blob like many gas station doughnuts and others tend to have. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and flakey while allowing the filling, topping, or other ingredients be the spotlight in the sweet or flavor category.


The Take

The perfect snack for all times of day… A quick breakfast, a midday snack, or a little dessert at night, Bogart’s provides great flavor. With plenty of options and specialties, you’ll easily find a new favorite and have a hard time going back to the old doughnuts you ate before!


For more, check them out here: https://www.bogartsdoughnutco.com/

Or try for yourself at one of their many locations!

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