Hays Take On: Blue Door Pub

We head over to St. Paul for a classic in the Minnesota burger world, the Blue Door Pub. If you haven’t been and you’re a fan of great bar food, then this is your spot.

The Place

There are multiple locations now due to the popularity of Blue Door, but the original remains off of Selby Ave in St. Paul. With tight quarters walking in, you’ll see a few booths and tables scattered around as well as a small bar with a few seats. It’s not surprising that they expanded over the years as the limited seating at this first location doesn’t stand a chance against the popularity this spot has accumulated. However, even through the popularity, Blue Door still feels has the atmosphere of your go to neighborhood bar, with classic beer signs, TV’s to watch the game, and a friendly staff.


The Product

Blue Door is known for many things, from their appetizers, to their wings, to their burgers, and everything in between, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy no matter your taste preference. Starting with apps, they’ve created their own version of nachos, that uses their signature tater tots instead of chips that they call Totchos. There’s a version like classic nachos that has sour cream, queso, lettuce, and other traditional topics, and also their Hella Totchos that feature all of the goods in the classic, but also has pulled pork, their cilantro lime sauce, and cotija cheese piled on top. Their wings come in a ton of varieties, with bone in or boneless, dry rub and sauce covered options. Some of our favorite options are the Smoky Bandit wings that are a 9 spice dry rub that come crispy on the outside, but full of tender meat on the inside. You also can’t miss the Sweet Chili Lime, that starts sweet and tangy but comes off with some finishing heat. On to burgers and Blue Door’s signature style of Juicy Lucy, the Blucy. With tons of combinations and topping options, all of your wildest burger dreams come true here. One thing that is consistent across the board is the quality of the Blucy. It starts with two incredible angus patties that are full size and ready to be stuffed with your choice of incredible ingredients as well as a large and soft bun to hold it all together. No matter if you go with the classic American cheese stuffed burger or something more exotic like the Mount Blucuvious that’s stuffed with Ghost Pepper cheese and topped with avocado, spicy bacon, and cilantro-chili-lime sauce, you always have the option to make it a Jiffy Style with peanut butter, bacon, mayo, and pepper jack on top or breakfast style with an egg, bacon, and extra cheese! Another great feature of Blue Door is their local taps as well as plenty of options for bottles and cans, so you can always count on something new and interesting to drink!


The Take

Blue Door Pub is always a favorite and it always feels like home when you sit down. If bar food is your jam, these guys do it right and always have. With locations all over the metro as well as in the airport now, there’s plenty of opportunities to try it for the first time or return for another meal!


For more, check them out here: https://www.thebdp.com/

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