Hays Take On: Beaujo’s Wine Bar and Bistro

A hidden gem tucked into Edina’s 50th and France, Beaujo’s tends to get overlooked with all of the new spots popping up in there area, but there’s a reason it’s stood the test of time in a popular, but ever-changing neighborhood.

The Place

Just two doors in from the 50th an France intersection is a small maroon door leading into the restaurant, where you’re immediately greeted by the bar with high tops surrounding. There are plenty of seats at the bar and it gives you a full view of the wine selection plus the tap options as well as a peek back into the kitchen and food prep area. Towards the back are more tables that allow for seating and a small “porch” area that’s slightly separated from the main dining area. The mood always feels relaxed and low key, with the layout of the tables it never feels too full, even on busy nights.

The Product

Wine is obviously the main feature at Beaujo’s, with 30 options that change regularly there’s plenty to try and plenty of reasons to come back and try something new. Their staff is super knowledgable and can help you pick out something if you’re wine knowledge is limited. From reds to whites they’ve got a little bit of everything from tons of places across the world. You also have the ability to do a half glass, full glass, or get a whole bottle depending on if you just want to try a few or enjoy your favorite! Next comes the menu, and while it may not be long or have any super large plates, there are tons of great options, and especially great things to pair with your beverages. What wine bar would be complete without small meat, cheese, bread, and spread options? Beaujo’s provides artisan cheese, selected meats, and an awesome dijon mayo that makes the perfect after work snack with a glass of good wine. Their house specialties have a variety of options, and each has their own unique taste. Our favorites are definitely the Banh Mi, which has incredible caramelized pork tenderloin with scattered jalapeños for a little kick and pickled daikon-carrot to balance and the Gyro, which is stuffed to the brim with tender beef and lamb and other goodies and finished with a great tzatziki!

The Take

If you enjoy a good glass of wine and a well crafted meal, this is the spot for you. Whether you’re stopping in for happy hour after work, enjoying a fun date night, or maybe want one more glass of wine before the night ends, Beaujo’s can provide! We hope this is spot that sticks around for a long time, as it feels like every night is a good night to stop by.


For more on Beaujo’s check them out here: https://beaujos.net/

Or try for yourself at: 4950 France Avenue S. Edina, MN 55410

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