Hays Take On: Beast BBQ

With the departure of Legends Bar and Grill in Northeast Minneapolis, we had a feeling that something else big was going to take its place, and it turns out the owners of Eli’s next door had plans to make something real good. The recently opened Beast BBQ comes set with bold flavors, a unique bar, and a great atmosphere.

The Place

Beast BBQ has a great location, just down Hennepin from 35W North on the corner next to Eli’s, and a building that fits in perfect with the Northeast vibe. A simplistic black sign out front with a large black wall with the logo marks the restaurant and the parking lot out front. When walking in you’ll see the awesome wood bar centered in the restaurant, surrounded with high tops and tables in the back corners. Beast maintains an industrial vibe with it’s fancy ceiling above the bar, concrete floor, and black features, but keeps a barbecue feel with all of the fresh wood touches around the space. It feels open while still feeling like it’s part of the tight quartered and industrial style Northeast area, and makes for a great hangout spot for both large and small groups.


The Product

Beast BBQ stays true to the food with all of your bbq favorites. The sides are as expected, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, mac n cheese, and more, plus some interesting original choices like the Chris Rack (one bonus rib) as well as Jojo chips, which are house made chips that come with an incredible house made ranch. Their meat selection begins with their St. Louis style spare ribs that come crisp on the edges but fall right off the bone. Their other go to is their Smoked BEAST which is fully smoked New York Strip loin, which is rich in flavor while maintaining that great smokey taste. They also have chopped chicken, chopped pork butt, whitefish, and a wild acres chicken. There are four sauces that come with these great meats, each packs some punch, but they all have unique flavors. Their original sauce is “sweet” but definitely keeps has more tang than your usual standard barbecue sauce. If you want to go to the next level grab the Sassy Beast sauce for a thicker and tangier taste. For the mustard bbq sauce fans, the Cackalacky is a thinner sauce with great vinegar and mustard taste. Last is their incredible homemade ranch, that’s got that great classic ranch taste with a thinner texture that separates it from anything store bought. There are also a few other great options on the menu if you don’t love diving right into BBQ, there are great sandwich options like the double butt burger that’s a great mix between ground pork and their pork butt, topped with american cheese and smoked bacon. They also feature nachos on their great Jojo chips that comes with a meat of your choice on top. Their bar has a diverse selection and focuses on local creations including their own signature beer with Headflyer Brewing as well as lots of local liquor choices from places like Rockfilter and Tattersall.


The Take

With all of the great collaborations and Minnesota first selections on their menu, you can tell Beast will fit right in with the neighborhood. With a great location in Northeast as well as plans to have live music, meat raffles, and more, this should turn into a great hangout spot for many years!


For more, check them out here: https://beastbarbecue.com/

Or try for yourself at: 825 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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