Hays Take On: Ariana Bistro

This week we venture into Mediterranean and Afghan food at one of our favorite hidden gems in St. Louis Park. Ariana Bistro provides authentic Middle Eastern style cuisine that you may not expect from this small spot.

The Place

At the corner of Louisiana Avenue and Cedar Lake is a small strip mall where you can find Ariana Bistro. Walking in you can immediately see the Middle Eastern decor around the restaurant and easily make your way to the counter to order your food. The menu is hand written on the chalk boards up above and as you order you can look back behind and see the spit roasters in action cooking meat for orders. After you order you take your number and head to one of many tables or bar seating that’s near the front window. While the space may not be anything fancy or grand, the food is what really impresses.


The Product

Ariana Bistro’s menu focuses on Middle Eastern classics with starters like their homemade hummus, eggplant spread, and falafel. For main courses their signature items are their gyros and pita sandwiches. Their gyros can be made with chicken, steak, or traditional lamb and come in some specialty styles like their Screamin’ Spicy Gyro, Philly style, or classic Greek Style. Their gyros can also be made into mixed bowls as well if you’re looking to cut a few calories out. Their pita sandwiches have two classics in the chicken shawarma that has 12 spice chicken with the lettuce, onion, and tomato combo and the classic falafel sandwich. All of their meals can come with a side of their delicious battered fries, which pair great with their cucumber sauce or a little dip of ketchup. For dessert they offer Baklava, which is more of a layered pastry as well as their own Turkish Delights that come in an assortment of flavors.


The Take

It may be a little known spot, but the food here has all of those traditional flavors that make Middle Eastern food so unique. Whenever we’re in the SLP area and we get that gyro craving, we know we’re going to be stopping at Ariana Bistro.


For more on Ariana Bistro, check them out here: https://www.arianabistro.com/

Or try for yourself at: 7115 Cedar Lake Rd, St Louis Park, MN 55426

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