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While some may not consider Minnesota as a landlocked state due to all of the lake shoreline, it does make it hard to come by great seafood being so far from the coasts. There are a few great spots to find this rarity, and 4 Bells is one of our favorites to provide a great atmosphere and plenty of good drinks and eats.

The Place

Located just across from Loring Park off of Hennepin, 4 Bells is in the perfect location for scenic views from all sides of their patios or out windows. They’ve sectioned off the restaurant into different areas to provide for different experiences for all. The main room features plenty of tables, booths and chairs for all. They also have a main bar area that features all of their craft cocktails, a great wine selection, or plenty of beers on tap. Towards the back of the main floor is their raw bar, which works as a chef’s table for their raw seafood dishes, with plenty of interaction with the cooks, this is an experience only available at this section of the restaurant. There are also multiple different private and semi-private dining areas that can be reserved for all different group sizes. Each has it’s own unique feeling and atmosphere that can create the perfect space for your get together. Upstairs they have a full rooftop patio which works great to enjoy views of downtown. While you can see and hear the city, the greenery and feeling eliminates that hectic vibe and makes you feel like you’re enjoying your meal in your own little oasis.


The Product

The menu at 4 Bells revolves mainly around seafood, however there are a few non-seafood items on the way that are definitely worth trying. Obviously for starters no seafood place could be taken seriously without a seafood sampler, which is constantly changing at 4 Bells and always provides great options. Other starter options include their incredible crab cakes, that have a crispy outside and a great jalapeño tartar or their 2X2 which has grilled oysters accompanied by fried chicken thighs is a great surf and turf option to get things going. If you’re into seafood you’re at the right spot, with tons of options on the menu such as their salmon, catfish, and a fresh market fish that’s always changing among other things. For those not into the seafood, they have a great wagyu steak as well as southern fried chicken that comes with hot and honey sauce and a biscuit! Their maque choux mac and cheese is a must try if you’re into souther style food as well a their brussels sprouts with corn bread croutons. Their cocktail list also includes some great options, including their take on the classic Bootleg, that comes with fresh mint. Their tap last features some great Minnesota choices as well as plenty of classics as well.


The Take

4 Bells is a seafood lovers paradise, but even for those who don’t love fish, there are plenty of great options to keep you coming back. Whether it’s drinks at the bar or rooftop patio or a seafood sampling platter in the dining or among a large group of your friends in a private room, you’re sure to find an enjoyable new experience every time.


For more on 4 Bells check them out here: https://4bells.com/

Or try for yourself at: 1610 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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