Hays Take On: Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Hays Take On: Able Seedhouse + Brewery

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Able Brewery was founded on the concept of getting things done, and if you follow their social media, check out their website, or talk to any of their employees, you’ll see that they all fit that lifestyle. Based in the Logan Park area of Minneapolis, Able Seedhouse + Brewery uses local seed, grain, malting and brewing to produce some of the smoothest beers in the Twin Cities as well as being in one of the coolest taprooms around.

The Place

The founders of Able originally started with an old garage that was used to repair city vehicles and turned it into an open but warm feeling space. With plenty of wood and great designs to contrast the exposed brick and visible brewing equipment, you’ll feel right at home once you sit down with your beer. There’s plenty of space available to bring all of your family and friends and even your dogs too, and with all of the seating available you shouldn’t have to worry about not finding somewhere to enjoy a beer. Local artists designed many of the pieces throughout the taproom, including the original bar. Visible in the back is all of the brewing equipment as well as their huge canned supply, which reinforced the idea in our minds that they’re getting things done here.


The Product

Able Seedhouse and Brewery clearly pays close attention to each different brew they come up with, as each one has a very distinct taste, but all finish very smooth. With so many options we took a try at all of their flagship beers as well as two of their rotational brews and were surprised by the finish they all had. For example, the dark mahogany Four Cords Old Ale usually isn’t the type of beer we would go wild about, but this smooth finish that Able creates allows you to taste every aspect of the beer without overwhelming you like some dark beers do. That malty but smooth taste really made this one stick out to us on the first sip. Another taste bud pleaser was the Supergiant Golden Ale, which might remind you of your favorite lighter beer, but it’s better. With a nice full body to it, the Supergiant is one you’ll be craving when you’re out on the lake or sitting on the patio. There are so many other great options in the lineup, like BLK WLF, First Light, and the classic Seeded, you’re going to want to make sure you get a taste of them all before you can really pick a favorite.


The Take

Able Seedhouse and Brewery is both inspiring and delicious and that dedication to hard work translates well into great tasting beers. With an inviting tap room and incredible beers, you won’t ever leave feeling disappointed, in fact, you’ll probably end up leaving inspired to go out and do more.


Check out more here: http://ablebeer.com/home

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ablebrewery/

On Instagram @ablebrewery and Twitter @ablebrewing

and go see for yourself at 1121 Quincy St. NE Minneapolis, MN


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